Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bones Season 4 DVDs: The Extras

TVShowsinDVD has the extras information for the Bones Season 4 DVDs.

What do you think? I for one want some commentary! But, according to Hart Hanson - they think no one likes that anymore. Pshaw!


CupcakeBean said...

I agree with you on the commentary. Hopefully HH will convince the powers that be to give us some!

I'm glad to see they're including some extended episodes, but I'm disappointed in the ones they've chosen. Surely there are more interesting episodes they could extend...? Perhaps "Mayhem" or *coughcough*the finale*cough*?

Anonymous said...

i agree with cupcakebean... they need to kno which ones we want for the special stuff.. i wish they culd do a vote or somethin.. idk

Miss Mary said...

I think that they should do the finale as "Pop-up video" How hilarious would it be to have terms defined, or inside jokes explained. Random bits of info.

Jen said...

I actually didn't like the commentary episodes. and I am looking forward to the extended epis.

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