Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eric Millegan: Poker Playing and More

X17 has a video of Eric Millegan at a poker tournament. It's not an official interview, but the guy asks him a lot of questions!

Here's hoping good things come for Eric out of that audition!


Emme said...

the interviewer is so annoying lol but i wish eric would come back on bones!

Rica said...

That was definitely an interesting interview, mainly due to the weirdo asking the questions... But, Eric is great. I hated what they did to Zack...

lorapalmer said...

Being a celebrity must be a b**ch sometimes. But he handled it elegantly and finally his hair looks good too. LOL

Stephen Nathan (exec. producer, writer) is making me antsy. Surely he is playing with our mind, right? RIGHT??

Kate said...

Sounds like a joke to me. Or who knows, maybe that's how they're cutting the budget this season.

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