Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Extreme Spoiler Chat: The Plain in the Prodigy

Sides are out for Bones Season 5 episode 3: The Plain in the Prodigy. Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

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Shep said...

I can't find the ones on SpoilerTV! I know the livejournal ones are locked.

Louise said...

Hi Shep - it's pretty annoying about livejournal isn't it?

I think the best place to check for sides is forensic mama's blog - TPitP sides are here

Wendy said...

I don't read them, so I just make this post with possible links when I know they are out. I stick to spoilerTV and mama's blog because I know they are open to all.

Louise said...

Actually, f mama's blog for this ep seems to link to livejournal ... sorry Shep!

Shep said...

There's a discussion on Livejournal which contains a summary of the sides.

Sounds like it could be a good episode.

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