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Guest Episode Review - #108 "The Man in the Fallout Shelter"

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The Man in the Fallout Shelter

This was the first episode of Bones that I saw and so it is special for that reason and also because I think it showcases what makes Bones a truly great show. I remember first watching this episode mainly because there was nothing else on TV and I had liked David Boreanaz in both Buffy and Angel so I thought I would give it a shot, and I’m glad I did because it has become one of my favourite shows that is currently on air. This is also one of my favourite Bones episodes, possibly because it was my first but also because it features the kind of characterisation that sets it apart from other crime procedurals that I have seen.

From an outsiders perspective this is a great episode to start with as it reveals each of the main characters abilities and quirks perfectly as well as setting up major character identities, such as Booths role as a father and the first season arc of the disappearance of Brennan’s parents when she was a child. It is both a comedic episode with the escapades of Hodgins leading to the quarantine of the lab and with Booths reaction to the drugs making him high, as well as being sentimental with the closure that the team give to Ivy Gillespie after years of not knowing what happened to the father of her child.

This also being a Christmas episode brings cheer through the inventive secret Santa that reflects who these characters are in the presents that they both give and receive; Angela giving art as well as receiving it, Hodgins being all about the bugs and slime, Zach receiving a picture of his family and giving Booth a gift for his son that they had only just found out about, Goodman receiving an origami bird from Booth which seems against type but shows that there are more levels to him than the bravado that his FBI status provides. Brennan, the only member to not partake in the gift giving had her own gifts to open from her parents from a Christmas many years ago and I liked that the viewer does not see what the gift is but instead gets to see the mixture of happiness with sad that the gift brings to her.

Prior to the gift giving and between the crime solving the families of the squints and Booth are allowed to visit (through a pain of glass), it is here that ZZ Tops Billy Gibbons makes his first appearance as Angela’s dad and that Hodgins like Brennan doesn’t really have any family that he is close with. We get our first glimpse at Parker Booth in this scene and I’m so glad that they have used the same actor for the following seasons as the chemistry between the two is excellent and you can believe quite easily that they are father and son.

Overall, I think this is a really strong episode revealing much about the characters and showing the techniques that are used to solve a case that is decades old. The Christmas factor means that this is also an episode that delivers on the idea of gift giving, both physically and mentally and it is that element that makes this a special episode and allows it to get away with being a bit schmaltzy.


Dianna said...

Hey Jenny,
Great job and thank you for a little "Christmas in July" and BONES hug with such a good walk down memory lane.
This isn't the first episode I watched, but it is the one that hooked me -- for all the reasons you pointed out.
I too especially loved how they didn't show us what Brennan's present actually was. What I remembered thinking at the time was, "Wow. Pretty subtle, classy, and wonderfully done ... for a TV show."
And I've been tuning in ever since.
Thanks again for sharing this.
Well done!

em-jay said...

Ah--one of my favorite episodes!

Thanks for the review.

sai said...

Hi jenny,

Thanks for refreshing my meory about one of my favorite episodes as well... loved so many parts of it... Brennen saying 'helicoptor pilot' to booth's 'man upstairs'... the testubes filled with sparkly fluids... booth worried about 'a man dressed like santa' being incharge... angela photocopying her butt... brennan walking fast to avoid peer pressure... that robot :D ... and our first glimpse of parker ofcourse... what is not to like?

Great job and thank you..

jenny said...

It seems two of you think I wrote this review :D This great review(well done!)was written by dear Emma! :) I reviewed Girl in the Fridge ;)

mo said...

this was the first episode i had ever seen.. became obsessed that night.. lol

luscious said...

Nice review I love this episode too I have recently taken to watching Bones and become like everyone else obsessed - by the way just took me ages to spell that - the ending once again left me satisfied and i like the way the writers leave your imagination to run riot with what was the present.
I have the first three seasons on dvd and recently disc 5 of season one has disappeared and has left me devastated but I guess i will have to buy it again but where can you buy this box set in the UK any ideas?

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