Saturday, July 25, 2009

Italian Comic-Con article on Bones

Thanks to Micky Boggs on her Twitter... here is an Italian article on Bones at Comic-Con.

Now, it's been, um, a few years *cough* since my college Italian. But, hey, there's a picture!


alexandra said...

Well that's a good chance to improve your italian.... It says nothing special, only a short report of what is happened at the Comic Con. Nothing we don't know yet. I'm happy that finally someone in Italy (besides I-Bones) is taking care of Bones.

xhio said...

Yeah, like Alexandra said (thanks for the reference to i-Bones, by the way :P ), just a translation of some sentence from the E!Online article, nothing exceptional, but I hope that thing will begin to move for Bones in would be about time! This fall will probably (finally) have s3 on public tv and s4 on cable... *cross fingers*

FulviaLeopardi said...

alexandra, I take care of good television :)

but I follow a lot of tv series, and I try to do my best to cover them all ... btw if I write about 50 series (and I have a private life...and also other two works) I can't make "special thing" for all of them... :( can u forgive me? :P

ps like I said in the article, photos are from flickr :)

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