Monday, July 27, 2009

Smartest, Sexiest Crime Fighters of 2009

EW has lists of the smartest, sexiest crime fighters. Unfortunately, Temperance Brennan/Emily Deschanel does not make the women's list. But... David Boreanaz/Seeley Booth is first on the men's side! (Thanks, Cindy, for the email link.)

15 Smartest, Sexiest Crime-fighters of '09: the Men

Seeley Booth, Bones

FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth may have ended the season with amnesia, but we could never forget who that smile (and that upper body) belongs to. Though it would be impossible for anyone not to have chemistry with Boreanaz when he's wearing Booth's ''cocky'' belt buckle, he and costar Emily Deschanel have turned their characters' sexual tension into some of TV's best.


Shep said...

Who else here just cannot stop staring at that photo! Mmmmmm...

Teri from SD =) said...

There is a poll to vote on your favorite of the 15 listed and DB is WINNING!! =)

jenny567 said...

I love his Cocky belt buckle so much! I bought one for a friend of mine. I found it at He wears it all the time.

Cindy Sue said...

You're welcome Wendy! :o)

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