Friday, July 3, 2009

Vampire Rules - Angel Mention

USA Today has compared the vampire 'rules', between True Blood, Twilight, and Angel. He is definitely more 'old school.' What do you think of the differences between the portrayals? Should entertainment be able to so often change the way vamps work? Do the changes keep it interesting?


Shep said...

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Erm, right, back to the point of vampires...
IMO - Angel/Buffyverse vamps = yay. Twilight 'vamps' = nay (I don't know whether to consider them true vamps because of the 'vegetarian', sparkly, no fangs thing. How can you have a vampire without fangs!!!!) I can't comment on True Blood since I've never watched it.

I think that the mythology of Twilight vamps differ so much from the norm that they end up being quite crap! They're more like zombies: just walking corpses really. They have no fangs, yet they are somehow able to tear through thick animal hide to feed and with their immunity to crosses and holy items, we've lost the whole good vs evil aspect that often comes with vampire stories.

I'm sure I need not mention how ridiculous the sparkling is! I alsofind that the fact that they are practically invincible rather weakens the mythology - who wants to see vampires that can't be killed! I think Meyer worships Edward as much as her main character Bella does (in every single book he becomes even more beautiful!!) so the focus is all on this sexual tension (which I find badly written anyway).

Furthermore, I also think Bella is a poor role model for young girls. She wants to be a vampire! She is blinded by her love (more of an obsession really) for Edward and becomes obsessed with not getting older. She never once considers what it means to be human and the only time she contemplates staying human is after she's had sex with Edward - because she liked the sex and how her body reacted!
Edward stalks her and she likes it! Yes, I know Angel did too, kinda, but only initially. It was to protect and watch over Buffy as assigned by Whistler, and the guy hadn't had very much contact with humans in years and he was in love with her so he had to find the courage to face her. He even admitted it once: 'I lurk'. With Angelus, the stalking was portrayed as creepy and the characters reacted to it as creepy.
When Edward leaves Bella, she purposely seeks out near-death experiences to hear is voice again!

With Angel, we had moral issues, underlying metaphors for life, and Angel was a true hero in helping the helpless and atoning for his sins. What exactly did Edward do for a hundred years? I'm not saying it's a good thing that Angelus spend a century murdering, torturing and raping, it's just that as a protagonist, Edward seems to have no other purpose. Angel went through rough patches, he had to deal with darkness, and he recovered. It also made for good storylines; one of the interesting things about fantasy/sci-fi worlds is that you can explore human nature in a different context. Twilight doesn't seem to do this.

This has turned out to be more of a rant/essay! Sooooo sorry!

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