Saturday, July 11, 2009

Zap2It TV Polls

Zap2It is filling the summer with various TV polls. The first set is out. Bones cast members appear in two polls:

Best Boss (Brennan)
Best Co-Worker (Hodgins)

Wouldn't Cam be a little peeved?

And, why is Booth not in this one?!


Anonymous said...

There are different polls everyweek, this ends in two days.

That sucks for Cam, she is the boss, she should be in the poll not Brennan

leeloo said...

hey guys, there's a link somewhere in the right of each page where you can vote for your favourite FOX moments/characters/shows etc. It's not really a vote where you can click stuff, just write in the comments what you want to vote for.

I'd better put the link here anyway:

Stephanie said...

Haha, Cam would totally be irritated by that. Though I've always kinda viewed Cam and Brennan as "co-bosses" since Cam's never seemed to be able to boss Brennan around much :p

And I just stumbled across this:
It's the cover of the US season 4 DVDs!

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