Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bones Season 5 Cast Photo - David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz's two cast photos for Bones Season 5:


Monia said...
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Monia said...

David is sooo hot in these pics!!

Eli said...

Not a fan of Booth ... but the pant was hot ... I just wow with the cutting of the pant

Anonymous said...

okay this is going to sound odd, but does anyone else feel like booth's stubble looks... fake? I *LOVE* a man with stubble, but it just looks too perfect haha like someone pasted little black dots. but I doubt they'd ever 'shop in some stubble

in any case, I like these photos... david could not possibly get any cuter! he is so gorgeous. *dreamy sigh*

Shep said...

I absolutely love the second one!
He should wear braces more often - I think he did quite a bit back in S1.

Anonymous said...

Boooottthhhh!!! Ok ..I's missing the cocky belt buckle but I still wouldnt kick him out of bed...:0) Hope Bones doesnt either in S5..assuming she ever gets there in the first place HART HANSON = TEASE

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