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Guest Episode Review - #114 "The Man on the Fairway"

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This review was written by the Sai.

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The Man on the Fairway

While most Bones purists (you know who you are... you are reading this) vouch for Season 1 as being the best, I am more a fan of seasons 2 & 3. And while moaning is not at all the intention of this piece, just wanted to get in a quick ‘get-back-to-that-awesomeness’ insert here.

I was re-watching all the seasons (again) introducing my family one by one to my obsession. And it’s wonderful to see how the relationships of the team have been developed over time. Like in real life, these relationships have been developed over time and shared experiences. Early in the episode you can see Zack sulking about the lack of Booth in their recent cases. Booth has become an integral part of the team and while on the outside he seems aloof, all of them have developed a deep seated respect and affection for him. Not just for the skills he brings to the table, perfectly complementing their science skills but also for the fact that he takes care of them – in his patently Booth-y way.

Bones misses him too. Not that she would admit it. But I am getting ahead of myself.
The case first: A plane containing some US and Chinese diplomats crashes at a Golf course and the Jeffersonian is asked to ID the bodies focusing on a 6th body that is not mentioned in the flight manifest. Bones is intrigued by the extra bone bit found at the site and is interested in investigating further. Goodman however clearly issues orders to concentrate on the plane victims. Bones decides to covertly defying Goodman (totally giving Hodgins a life purpose) and enlists Booth into it. Even this early we can see Booth is powerless to resist any request from Bones. Jesse Kane, an expert on missing persons’ cases turns up at Bones’ office as he thinks the bone bit might belong to his father, who went missing around the golf course some years ago. He tries to appeal to Bones’ orphaned side and get himself involved in the investigation.

It’s interesting to note Bones who while has been deeply affected by the abandonment of her parents has never tried to dig deeper or try to understand what happened to her parents. Why didn’t she hire a private investigator? And while this seems a little OOC for her mania-for-truth personality, it actually makes sense. Underneath her tough exterior is an extremely sensitive person who is scared to know the truth. And when Jesse asks her about how she can live with knowing that nobody is looking, she says – “I never thought of it that way”.

The case has its usual red herrings – Did Jesse Kane kill his father because he was going to cut him out of his property? Did the Max Kane’s girlfriend Karen Anderson kill him? Where are the rest of the bones? The pig in the woodchipper experiment counts among the top ten Hodgins-Zack experiments ever. Just the sheer glee on all the men’s faces, the disgust on Goodman’s face – good times! A non-malignant bone tumor found on the bone bits reveals that it is not Jesse’s father. It is the brother of a city maintenance worker called Ray Sparks. Ray Sparks – kills his brother Frank for the house their mother left behind. He freezes his brother alive and then feeds him in a woodchipper. Cheery!


The hallmark of the Bones and Booth relationship has been their friendship. They are friends first and that’s one of the reason I am drawn to them. They take care of each other, have each other’s back and just respect each other. And while the chemistry is undeniable, it is this abiding kinship that makes them so watchable. No drama of let-me-do-something-to-hurt-you-so-that-I-know- how-much-you-like-me (phew!) here. They are both secure in each other’s friendship for each other. And a building block of that is seen in this episode. We see their friendship emerging – whether it is Booth deciding to help her out with the case or Bones chiding him for lying to Zack about ‘male bonding or her ‘poking and prodding’ to test out his instincts.

Booth, suspicious of Jesse Kane keeps making sure he is not taking advantage of her vulnerability. He fudges the case with his boss so that he can investigate the extra bone chip. And finally when Bones asks him to take a look at the file on her parents, he agrees. He knows what a huge step it is for someone as independent as her to seek out his help. “I am proud you asked Temperance” he says. By the way, is it just me or are their other people waiting for him to call Bones Temperance again. It’s been what – 2 seasons?

Overall a great episode for taking the character stories forward and a great example of how Bones usually enmeshes character development with the mystery on hand. Another aspect which should definitely be seen more in Season 5.

Some of the good stuff:
“Ignoring me is Booth’s way of acknowledging my presence. Its’ a guy thing” – Zack

“Usually we have an FBI agent who mediates our Interpersonal encounters” – Zack trying to explain his social awkwardness to the NTSB guy.

“No I don’t.” – Bones. You miss me. You miss me – Booth

“Good one sir. Very droll.” – Hodgins

“As far as I know, and it’s quite far believe me, no one has tried to kiss Brennen in this office and lived to tell about it.” – Angela to Jesse Kane.

“No way.” – Zack to Brennan when asked to experiment on the wood chipper. “The correct response would be ‘Yes Way’” – Booth.

“I feel like kicking him.” – Bones
“That’s normal after a pursuit. We try not to do that.” – Booth

“You think I am a kind and affair man. Egoless, balanced, ruled by intelligent reflection... I can be vindictive and petty. I will take you down.” – Goodman to Hodgins

“Hey, you know your people are my people.” - Booth
“I have ‘people’? Hey. I have people.” - Bones


Chrys in KS said...

Great review. I miss him saying Temperance as well. He usually only says it when it is a really personal situation. The only other example besides this one I can think of is when her mother's remains are found and she is tired and upset and he tells her "go home, Temperance" or something like that. I am so glad he has never called her Tempe. For some reason I do not like that shorter version.

I liked this epi as well. Lots of humor and dark mixed in one yummy bag of eye candy which is what makes Bones a great show. : )

Em said...

I agree; Booth DEFINITELY needs to call her Temperance again. Yes, Bones has become an term of endearment over the years, but it's when he's the most proud and caring in season 1 that he calls her by her given name.

I have to say that my favorite part of this episode is the VERY end, where he is staring at the picture of her as a young girl, and the camera focuses on her watching him, then focuses back on him, with the edges of his mouth twitching into a smile. So adorable. Plus, that picture... That's gotta be an actual photo of Emily Deschanel when she was younger, right?

Jen said...

I've always liked this epi. I agree with you on why she hasn't previously looked for her parents. She may have a mania for the truth in many cases, but when it comes to her personal life, I think she is always scared to examine things too closely.

sai said...

I love Booth's face whenever he looks at Bones. There is just so much affection. It reminds me of the quote from the movie Juno where her dad tells her that the right person will always think that the 'sun shines out of your a$$'...

Thanks so much Chrys, Em and Jen - very encouraging to get comments :) ...and Thanks Wendy for the pleasure of seeing one's published word. It sure is a thrill!

em-jay said...

Thanks for the review, Sai! Good progress for B&B in this one, especially the trust they show each other at the end.

I'm probably in the minority here, but I actually don't really want them to have Booth call her "Temperance" a lot more this season. I think the special-ness of it is because it's so rare, and if it were to pick up, it wouldn't stand out as much. Just my thoughts. But I certainly do love the eps when he does, because like Chrys said, it's always a really personal situation, and we love that! =)

Em--I'm glad you brought up that picture! I always assumed that it was really Emily as a younger girl, too.

Petit Chat said...

Am I allowed to post links to other sites where there are Bones' reviews ?

Wendy said...

I don't have a problem with that. Love all Bones fans!

Petit Chat said...

Great ! :)
I find especially these long reviews very insightful & sometimes funny :

There are also these reviews :

& for French speakers there is this blog :

And of course I like very much your reviews Wendy :)

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