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Guest Episode Review - #115 "Two Bodies in the Lab"

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This review was written by DaLiza, who swiftly responded to my plea for a review. Thanks!

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Two Bodies in the Lab

Why is “Two Bodies in the Lab” one of the best “Bones” episodes to date? For starters, this episode is full of witty, memorable dialogue, such as the following lines:

Brennan: I’ve done enough googling to schedule a dinner.

Zack: The remains show evidence of bullet wounds.
Hodgins: Which would explain why he has all those holes in him.

Hodgins: Should we be involved in mob stuff? They’re really into the whole killing thing.

Booth: You know, whatever happened to seeing someone across a crowded room? Eyes meeting? That old black magic gets you in its spell?
Brennan: There’s no such thing as magic.
Booth: Oh, there’s magic.
[Does television get any hotter than that?]

Brennan: Ask him to save the excrement for Hodgins.
Booth: Lucky Hodgins.

Brennan: My reservation just got pushed, so I have a few extra minutes.
Booth: Oh, a few extra minutes. Great.
Brennan: What?
Booth: Nothing.
Brennan: You disapprove?
Booth: I said great.
Brennan: With attitude.
Booth: Don’t go overboard with the psychology. It’s not your thing.
Brennan: Look, I am an adult, Booth. I see men. I go out with them. On occasion, I sleep with them.
Booth: You know what? That’s cool. But you don’t even know who this guy is that you’re meeting.
Brennan: I have trekked through Tibet avoiding the Chinese army. I think I can handle meeting someone for dinner.

Brennan: The Sistine Chapel took 13 years to be cleaned properly.
Zack: I didn’t think we had that kind of time.

Booth: I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to continue to work these cases.
Brennan: This is what I do, Booth.
Booth: Whoever killed these victims wants to make sure you don’t finish your investigation.
Brennan: Hundreds of criminals would like me to stop what I do. Are you suggesting that I just give up my career?
Booth: Just be reasonable.
Brennan: Fine. Logic suggests that the shooter is involved in one of these cases. I should find out who killed them before he tries to shoot me again.

Booth: Bones, I’m not letting you out of my sight until I find out who is trying to kill you.

David: Did I miss something? I don’t want to get in the way of--
Brennan: What? No.
Booth: No. God.
David: Well, maybe we could reschedule dinner.
Booth: No.

Angela: Booth is a big, strong, hot guy who wants to save your life. I mean, you actually have a knight in shining F.B.I. standard-issue body armor. [Yes, she does. Where can I order mine?]

Booth: Bones, how many keys do you need?
Brennan: Well, car, house, lab, morgue.

Brennan: Uh, how did that get there?
Booth: Oh, please. Everybody loves Foreigner.

Booth: I don’t even know if I have to stay here [I.e. the hospital], you know.
Brennan: You got blown up.
Booth: I’ve been worse.

Angela: Impressed? I have so many more tricks. There’s no ring. Single or gay?
Kenton: Gay? Why would you say gay?
Angela: Brokeback, baby. Gotta ask.

Hodgins: People never tell me I’m right. They only say I’m crazy. Love you, man.

Booth: How could it not be my fault? It was my job to protect her. Instead, I hand her over to him.

Hodgins: Just “a building?” Oh yeah, that’s real specific.
Booth: Well, crack heads, you know, aren’t that detail oriented.

Booth: It’s okay. I’m right here. It’s all over. Shh. I’m right here. All right. It’s all over. [Is he repeating himself to assure Brennan or himself? Probably both.]

Yet it takes more than great dialogue to make a great episode. “Two Bodies in the Lab” earns its elevated status in “Bones” history with many moments of wonderful characterization. In forty four little minutes we experience:

--Booth’s anguish that he was unable to arrest Hollings earlier and his determination to get him this time around. We see how much Booth takes their cases to heart.
--Booth’s concern over Brennan dating online and his barely suppressed jealousy. Booth’s hostility towards David in the interrogation room is priceless.
--Brennan’s commitment to her work even when her life is in danger.
--Angela’s shameless attempts to hit on Kenton.
--Booth and Brennan allowing each other to see their goofy sides as they dance to “Hot Blooded”.
--Brennan’s guilt that Booth was blown up in her place and her renewed determination to get the bad guy.
--A glimpse into Booth’s military past as he and Brennan discuss his X-rays. We learn that Booth’s feet were beaten with hoses and that he suffered injuries while trying to shield a friend, further attesting to his protective nature.
--Booth’s love of hospital pudding.
--Booth’s guilt that Brennan is in danger because he entrusted her to Kenton. Even though he is the one to figure out Kenton is their man, he still beats himself up for not figuring it out earlier. Although Angela asked Brennan to cut Booth some slack earlier in the episode, Booth will never cut himself any slack. He will not allow himself to be anything less than perfect when it comes to Brennan’s protection.
--Booth leaving a hospital after being blown up and enduring a ride in Hodgins’ “toy car” to come to Brennan’s rescue. Given his condition, he should have just called the FBI to inform them of the situation and then let his colleagues handle it, but he won’t let go of his responsibility to his Bones under any circumstances.
--Brennan using her martial arts training to fight off Kenton. She shows audiences yet again that she is not your typical ‘damsel in distress.’
--Booth putting his head between Brennan’s arms to free her, rather than acknowledging that he was in pain and letting one of his colleagues do it.
--Brennan, who has insisted this entire episode that she is a capable adult who doesn’t need protection, allowing herself to hold Booth and cry in his arms.
--Brennan postponing her date with David to spend more time with Booth and trying to lean her arm against his.

This episode proves that Booth and Brennan are more than just two physically attractive characters who make the screen sizzle with sexual tension; they’re two people who are deeply committed to their jobs and to each other. “Two Bodies in the Lab” affirms and celebrates the best relationship on television, and that’s why it will always be one of my favorite episodes.


Jeannie said...

Great review.

And let's not forget the memorable line "Maybe you shouldn't have had all that pudding, man." Heh.

Anonymous said...

TBitL is one of my all-time favorites, so I've been eagerly awaiting the review--thanks for stepping in to do it and for doing it well!

em-jay said...

Lovely review! Thanks for doing it.

It would be hard to be a Bones fan and NOT love this episode!!

Great description of what Booth "could" have done given his condition, but that he refused to let go of his responsibility of taking care of her, whatever the cost. Gotta love that determination.

Cheryl said...

Thx for the review :) Just wanted to add that this is where I fell in love with Hodgins.

" S'body in the lab works for the mob. I can see it: There's not much diff between organised crime & corrupt gov't."

"Maybe that nurse was right to be pissed that we were leaving. You don't seem good Booth."

"...because Hollings is dead? Man! This conspiracy stuff is so much more intense when ur in the middle of it."

LOVE him! And of course, have to love how Booth refuses to leave Brennan alone as you pointed out. And if u find out where u can get ur own "big strong hot guy" in "shining FBI standard issue body armour" _do_ tell! ;)

rod said...

Rod said... Booth, what a guy. The proverbial cowboy in a white hat rescuing the lady tied to the railroad tracks in the nick of time. He is true to friends and family alike and has even gone so far as to get himself shot, kidnapped, and blown up. No medals for this man though. All he wants is Brennens heart. Whoops, no heart. It seems his reward is a beautiful, ditzy, woman with the sexual morals of an alley cat. Let's throw this guy a bone for a change. Make him happy again.

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