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Guest Episode Review - #116 "The Man with the Bone"

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The Man with the Bone

In this episode the investigative skills of our intrepid team are used to solve both a modern murder and to identify bones that are over 300 years, combining the elements that differentiate this show from other crime procedurals. Another factor that sets it apart is both humour and the focus on the relationships between the main characters and how developed these are even at this relatively early stage in the shows life. One focus in this episode is regarding Hodgins and his urge to leave the confines of the Jeffersonian lab and to join the adventures out in the field, his wish is granted in this episode through his expertise in both soil and scuba diving. The desire for the squints to leave the lab is an ongoing one and is often with Booth being less than supportive of their desires- this is normally linked in to the desire to have a gun as both Hodgins and Bones have often requested one when out in the field.

This is a case that explores the possibility of finding pirate treasure, and this adventure sets the tone of the episode to be one of wish fulfilment with even Brennan being open to the whole pirate treasure notion. One of my favourite exchanges in this episode between Zack and Hodgins regarding whether Hodgins believes in pirates, with Hodgins retorting that “Pirates aren’t Santa Zack”. This highlights that even though pirates were (and still are) very real there is a fantastical element to the notion of piracy, routed in the adventurous tales of pirates from long ago. On a side note regarding the theme of pirates, what kid hasn’t dressed up as a pirate at one stage? I for one did and playing pirate games was always popular, this episode really does capture the childlike wonder that pirate games can incur in all of us, even as adults.

The case opens with a trip to the FBI morgue where the body of Ted Macy is being examined, a victim who was found in a national park. However it is not this victim but what he holds in his hand that is of interest; he was found clutching a human finger bone. The manner in which the FBI medical examiner Harry Tepper has stored the bone infuriates Brennan as important evidence may have been compromised by the cleansing solution it is stored in. This is the first of several encounters between Brennan and Tepper where he seems to get turned on by her chastising him for his incompetence which brings out the protective side of Booth regarding his partner and how other men react to her, though it is clear in this case (and often in most cases) that she is more that adequate to look after herself.

It turns out that the bone is over 300 years old and may be the key to solving the murder of Mays who was part of a team looking for the legendary Blackbeard pirate treasure on Assateague Island, this heightens the interest of everyone particularly Hodgins. Before he gets his wish with a trip out of the lab, Brennan and Bones go to the island to check out the original crime scene which is the ‘Hardwicke-Macy’ excavation spot; this is being funded by famous billionaire adventurer Branson Rose. On their arrival they witness Hardwicke and Rose having a verbal altercation regarding the status of the evacuation with Rose wanting to shut the project down due to a lack of treasure. However on discovering that Macy was murdered possibly due to what he may have found Rose demands that his team continue the hunt.

The motive for killing Macy it would initially seem has something to do with human greed and the main suspect is Hardwicke who was Macy’s partner, this crime is something he vehemently denies showing a deep scar that he got from saving Macy in the past. It also turns out that Hardwicke took a beating for Macy who had been having an affair with the town mayor’s wife (who comically dresses as a pirate to boast tourism).

When it is discovered that Macy and Hardwicke planted the three hundred year old bones down the excavation site, followed by Hardwickes dead body (having been killed in the same manner as Macy) all attention lands on billionaire Rose who would have motive for murder if the hoax had become apparent to him. It turns out that the manner in which both Macy and Hardwicke were killed is a technique that military Special Forces use, Rose was in the SAS. However this also turns out to be one of the false elements of this episode as Rose has lied about this piece of information. This “PR crap” is discovered when Brennan slaps him, not once but twice without him being able to stop it, something that a Special Forces trained person would be able to stop.

This leads them to the real killer, Dane McGinnis who had earlier described Hodgins diving skills as being like a squid (Booth originally thought he heard him say squint, showing that perhaps at this early point in the series he has a hard time as seeing them as a person out side of the lab), a military term used to describe a sailor. Unfortunately, Hodgins who is unaware of this latest development is back down the excavation site, with his life in the hands of a killer. The diving scenes with Hodgins are some of my favourites in this episode as it shows the adventurer in him beyond all the usual conspiracy rantings. It also shows how much Hodgins wants to believe that there is real treasure down there, which is what in turn saves his life without him even being aware that his life is in danger. McGinnis found out about the bones hoax which enraged him as his brother had given his life to find the treasure and finding real treasure seemed to mean nothing to Macy and Hardwicke. Booth manages to convince him to spare Hodgins as he has real passion for this project and because whilst all the drama is going on above water, Hodgins discovers a genuine pirate coin buried in the ground. This coin is something Hodgins does not want to give up but knows he has to when he is back at the lab. In true Angela style she draws an impression of the skeletons face but it is actually of Hodgins dressed as a pirate, the episode ends with a hearty aargh and a closed case for our team.


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Wow--how stupid do I feel that I never realized that was Hodgins in Angela's sketch at the end?!! Funny.

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