Wednesday, August 5, 2009

@harthanson on... a lot of things

I hurt my shoulder pretty badly (I don't know how, maybe lifting him, maybe just getting old (yes, Dear Husband, that is for you)) so I'm behind. Here's a compilation of recent @harthanson info:

Apparently it is Craig Ferguson's fault if S5Ep5 sucks. (here's what HH is talking about)
Spoiler (pretty light, on well discussed topic)
Picking corpse wounds is something like shopping in a catalog
Angela's Mom = unknown (so far)
Wearing a very cool shirt given to him by Emily Deschanel's boyfriend

Tacking on a Stephen Nathan comment about weeping re: Bones


Jeannie said...

I only looked at the pic with the shirt, and since I'm the first one to comment, I can actually write something without getting accidently spoiled, yeah! ;-) Great shirt. Fun fact: That would not work in German. In the German version of StarTrek, the doc is named "Pill". Go figure...

Shep said...

I like this new one:

I agree with Joss. I liked Twilight too but I think Booth could take down the pretty boy, never mind Angelus:

I agree too! ('Cept I hated Twilight)Booth/Angel/Angelus would kick his sparkly butt!

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