Saturday, August 15, 2009

@harthanson @squarechicken on spoilers and other bits

Here are a few of Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan's recent Bones tweets (spoiler warnings listed, where appropriate):

On the Ultimate sign of success: when a homeless man wears your show's shirt
Picking what to shoot next (did that make anyone else nervous about 'out of order' character issues or is that just my own pet peeve?)
re: Eric Millegan at Disneyland and the fan response
On why all their great guest stars keep getting their own recurring roles in other shows (spoilers - 1, 2)
Musing while writing, about a body (spoilers)
Case work (spoiler)
On having an 'in' with Zooey Deschanel
On the squinterns, and one in particular (spoilers)
On studio reactions to Episode 1 - Hart, Stephen
on how to make Top Chef the best show ever

and, lastly,one from Josh on the quotability of Stephen Nathan


Anonymous said...

Speaking of twitter, booth and bones are together now! :0 awww its so sweet! (even when i know its not real! lmao)

madi said...

can someone give me a link to the b/b twitter?? plz!

Anonymous said...

Youre talking about these? :)
Bones -
Booth -

Anonymous said...

aww thats cute, lol, real or not, still adorable
oh i wish they would....

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