Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kristen: TCA Bones Season 5 Spoilers

Kristen runs down some of the spoilers for Bones Season 5, as covered at the Fox Summer TCA event, Friday July 31, 2009.

What do you think of the revelations?


Nina said...

is it mean to hope that cam is the squint in question? because if its none of the interns then we've only got angela and hodgins to hang onto and i am still mourning, 2 seasons later, the loss of zack. freshly. as if it were yesterday. because i have to whole thing on dvd so it really was yesterday.

and cam doesnt do much other than have her patience tried, at this point. the actress rocks. they arent giving her anything to do really, is all.

Nina said...

and without angela or hodgins i may actually stop watching the show.

Jen said...

i think they were implying that it would be one of the interns. i hope its not wendell

Stephanie said...

"Before you freak out, Hart didn't mean that a regular castmember is leaving. He meant a regular squint (er, that would mean colleague)."

It's definitely not a series regular that may be leaving, so Cam, Angela, and Hodgins are all safe. It's one of the regular interns (or squinterns, as I like to call them.) Nigel-Murray is my favorite.

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