Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Televisionary talks to Hart Hanson

Thank you to the multiple comments/emails/etc that included this link. Spoilers abound as Televisionary talks to Hart Hanson about Bones Season 5.


Lucia said...

I think is great! Going back to London! Good for B&B for hooking up

Nina said...

oooooh i am so excited to find out 1.who angela breaks her celibacy with, especially because all signs are pointing to sweets,
2. what this 'inside people's heads' thing is all about.

maybe b&b are permanently telepathic. hahaa

X5452 said...

I'm sure Angela breaks her celibacy with Jared Booth. She's not interested in Sweets, and anyway, he's in love with Daisy.

Ausiello interviewed Hart Hanson about Angela's relationship in season 5 and he answered:
“Angela and Brennan have a big fight,” Hanson reveals. “Their friendship is deeply challenged. It’ll be the first time that Brennan realizes that being totally rational about something isn’t necessarily being a good friend. And every time she has done that in the past, Angela has come around and excused Brennan’s behavior. This time, if they’re friendship is to be maintained, Brennan has to take a step toward the irrational.”

Can't wait to see what will happen!

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