Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week's Worth of Hart and Stephen

Here's a long list of recent Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan tweets (spoiler warnings where appropriate).

Hart Hanson talks about where intelligence is lacking
Twittering is like...
The Bones pilot (among other things) was written in a shed
Ryan Cartwright's twitter is confirmed
The perks of Hart's job
Early Friday night (spoiler warning for locations)... or maybe not so early after all (spoiler warning for topics)
Who does the Bones promos?
(Slight spoiler) re: Brennan's literary success
Factoid on Billy Ray McKenna (the real one)
Full cast shoot, light details (just for a promo, I think, so not technically spoilers)
Question on Booth's #22705 from Mummy, and the not-so-satisfying answer
Episode one spoiler from Stephen Nathan
Random spoiler re: location/episode from Stephen Nathan
Returning fan favorite, with flair (expected 'spoiler')
Finishing touches on episode #1
Teaser spoiler on Booth #1 and #2
Praise for the Bones composer Sean Callery


Anonymous said...

at the random spoiler:
espeacially WHAT??????????
urghh, that is so frustrating :D

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