Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zap2It "Decade's Best TV characters"

Zap2It has been polling fans on the decade's best television characters. No Bones characters made any of the winners, but 3 categories had honorable mentions for cast members:

Best Dad: ...Most of you thought "Bones'" Seeley Booth should be on the list, with both Tony Soprano and Homer Simpson getting multiple nominations as well.

Best Therapist: ...You, though, thought we were crazy for not including "Bones'" Lance Sweets.

Best Lawyer: ... You also wanted Caroline from "Bones" and various members of Wolfram & Hart from "Angel."


Amanda said...

I can't find the list from that link. Clearly Booth is a better father than Homer Simpson!

Wendy said...

They changed the link ever so slightly. Fixed to the new.

Wendy said...

Thanks, Shep. Deleted your comment and made the Spoiler Chat post for that episode :)

Anonymous said...

Booth also got a mention under "Best Cop", but was disqualified for being a federal agent.

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