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Extreme Spoiler Chat: The Gamer in the Grease

Sides are out for Bones Season 5 episode 9: The Gamer in the Grease. Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

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TVGuide Spoils: Grandpa Booth

TVGuide's William Keck has some great information about Booth's grandfather. Spoiler warning.

The Booby Scare: Emily Deschanel

Here is the video of Emily Deschanel and other celebrities doing a funny take on breast self exams. Thanks, Mickey, for the link!

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Emily Deschanel talks to Peta

This PETA blog post with Emily Deschanel is older, but it was right before I had a baby and I may have missed it. Cupcakebean sent me the link and I thought I'd share, either way! She talks pets, veganism, favorite foods, and much more.

BuddyTV talks to Tamara Taylor

BuddyTV has a great (spoiler-ish) interview with Tamara Taylor.

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Bones Episode Review: 5.02 "The Bond in the Boot"

Sorry for the delay. Still working back into the routine. I have updated the Master List to reflect last week's reviews as well as link to Bones Season 1 and Season 2 guest reviews.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The Bond in the Boot

So, last week I asked for a few things and it seems we got them in spades! The ick train has left the station and it's not stopping any time soon. Stephen Nathan must have had a huge hand in this one. It was so gross you didn't know if you wanted to cover your eyes or laugh (I did both). I know a lot of people cite "The Truth in the Lye" as the grossest body ever (I disagree - except for the skull cap). Do you still feel that way? If it wasn't bad enough we get squirting blood as a hand is cut off (the bodies are rarely so 'fresh' on Bones), we also get broken legs and a bouncing head as the car passes. On top of that there are cats feeding on him (Jamie, are you fist pumping that?). And THEN we get a disgusting mass in the trunk. With nasty eyes. And face slide!


Sort of.

It was so far out there I began to laugh, a lot, and wonder if Bones was swinging too far into the silly side of things. This thought lasted about half an episode, until Booth got serious about the case and its impact and then Bones swung back to its roots and by the end of the episode I thought: Wow, this one captured it all!

We had ick, we had fun, we had laughs, we had connection with the victim, connection between Booth and Bones, a real family feel in the lab (anyone think Wendell might be the keeper after this treatment?), and basically everything that makes Bones the show we love. Short of a guest appearance by Caroline, Max, or Gordon-Gordon this episode seemed to have it all. Does it make you who feel Seasons 4 and even 3, plainly, sucked, think this one just might redeem the show?
The case - once you get past the eww...

Once you get past the icky beginning, I liked this case. Mostly this had to do with the (2nd) victim and the old-school Bones connection to him. They didn't just dismiss him. They saw deeper and respected what they found. It was an interesting twist to actually see the first murder happen on screen and figuring out the connection between two bodies was a plus for audience interest and the lab's detective skills.

However, is it just me, or is it a bit weird they lauded a guy who murdered a courier, cut off his hand, and ran over him? That struck me as waaaaaaay past ‘brave, rule-bending dreamer.' They connected with the guy a lot more than I did, as a viewer. On second viewing I can reasonably see the connection with the dreamer, especially as Wendell specifically points it out but, maybe I’m still reeling from this ick, he’s just too far out there for me as a victim.

I liked the girlfriend and her mousy/backbone mesh. I liked that she, like her boyfriend, stood up for what she believed in and spoke out against the CIA establishment (albeit off the record after Booth sort of forced her) in support of her dead man. She made me smile.

I love the Bond element. We’ve had Santa as a victim, a ‘real’ pirate on the table and now James Bond as the murderer? They do get to have all the fun!

As Hart Hanson asked, what do you think was on the USB drive? Do you think it's just a mystery for this one episode, or something that might come back later?

One beef: the intro, very first scene. I know they were going for a ‘Bond’ thing, but it was just too CGI for me. I hate being taken out of the story, especially as it is just beginning, by obvious computer work.

Another note: Brennan’s security clearance. I think someone has mentioned a beef with that area of the story. Yes, she mentioned having higher clearance than Pickering but that doesn’t mean that she has nearly Booth’s clearance as a Special Agent in Charge. It was a weak part of this story but not a huge continuity hole, to me.

Wendell - the 'comfy' one

If I didn't 'miss' the interns last week, I didn't 'mind' having him around this episode. I have to say that the boy is definitely carving himself a home He fits well with the team, doesn't cause too much ruckus since his rocky beginning and has a 'homey' feel to him. Everyone seems to have completely taken to him and he fits well with the group. Booth talks hockey. Cam mothers him (I think that is the 'affection' some people notice). Angela seems to treat him like a little brother and Hodgins looks on him as the friend Zack could have become with a few more years of acclimation (maaaaaaaaaybe).

(I seem to be full of questions - the hallmark of a good episode, in my mind). Do you think this is a good thing? Is he going to be horribly killed off or become the new guy? If he does become the new guy, is he TOO comfy and thereby boring? How do you make Wendell interesting in the long term without having him sleep with Angela? I honestly don't see it. He has a great niche as the 'favorite' for many people and I could see him keeping the crown indefinitely but do you feel there is enough there for long term commitment? Hart Hanson clearly said he didn't think Zack had anywhere else to go as a character (which I STRONGLY disagree with - I still want to see the boy develop socially and think it would be incredibly fun to watch) and if Zack is at a dead end, what does Wendell have? He's already got friendships which could have developed more slowly but already seems strongly established. We know his basic history and that he's close to his Mom. We know he's the street smart, work hard proto-Booth. I just don't know that he has the 'integral character' quality that would make us really miss him if he were gone.
  • Sometimes dreaming is the way to go.
  • Don't often get to say 'ergo.'
Angela - the girl just about has it all

Angela's wardrobe has really matured a lot. I miss the bo-ho free spirit who has become almost a fashionista, albeit a casual one. She is wearing some nice stuff, a la Cam, though looser fitting, and it actually bothers me a little as does Cam's. This is a forensic lab and things like this just scream 'network notes' or interference. Of course I have no idea who said they should wear stuff like this. It semi-makes sense for Cam because she's not only a scientist she is also an administrator and would likely have considerable office hours. Angela does not work directly with the goo, but she does handle bones and goo-covered items. Seeing her wear such outfits stops the scene for me and makes me remember I'm watching a show. I never felt this way about her hippy gear. It seemed more in character. I just don’t see free spirit Angela turning into quasi-downtown Angela. We just haven’t seen that kind of character shift. And, as she points out, she’s on a budget!

Rant aside... I do so love it when she's doing her thing and being an integral part of the case, from bone analysis to computer work. I think someone in the episode discussion complained that she couldn't possibly have done so much with that image file. That has always been the conundrum of Angela. Remember, from the outset she has been portrayed as the free spirit artist who can also design the Angelator. Sticking with that characterization, breaking down a computer file is not remotely a stretch. She frequently recovers data from goo covered old-school floppies, images, hardware, etc. Girl has skills and she's not afraid to use them!
  • Pussy Galore? That's never going to happen... Boys and their spy fantasies.
  • Like there's an acceptable protocol for crushing someone's soul.
Sweets - he actually does have a backbone!

Sweets is getting a little snarky and it's wonderful. He's taken a beating the entire time he's been with the team and I think he's finally reaching the end of his tolerance. He may not quite be ready to take on his actual tormentors, but he's confident enough to snipe other people in a quest for the affirmation (even if internal) that his idols will not bestow.

I am tired of Dr. Brennan being so in his face about his profession. I guess she’s not really a subtle person (they tried that last season to fan uproar that she was changing too fast when, I think, she was just being unusually subtle and quiet in her observations) but it just rings as pointless now. She even asked him for advice last season so, in some ways, she accepts he knows SOMETHING. His take on this case was very accurate and he got no respect for it – she admits that she hates to admit the accuracy of his assessment. The fact that she did take is advice where Booth was a subtle admission of his knowledge, even if she would not admit it directly (as well as an admission of the importance of Booth, that she would take Sweets’ advice in order to help him).

I love his shift into true couple’s therapist in this episode. He discusses their income disparity and it’s affect on their relationship and encourages Brennan to adopt an extremely uncharacteristic submissive role. It’s always been apparent that Brennan does not understand the expected male/female roles in a relationship (or necessarily appreciate them on whatever level she does understand the expectations) and I think it is good for her as a character, and enjoyable for us as viewers, to see her explore that.
  • At least I tuck myself in at night.
  • With a dummies book? Is that wise?
  • Do we have to go through this every time?
Hodgins - he's gettin' his mojo back

Never one to be daunted by criticism, rolling eyes or retreating backs, Hodgins is again spouting his conspiracy theories. I LOVE it! As much as it was nice to see him truly develop as he went through upheaval last season, I missed this guy a lot. He dipped his toes in last week, but now he seems to have jumped full steam ahead back into his conspiracy theories and I hope it is permanent.

I know, I'm so demanding, but... I would love to see him ATTEMPT to return to his old life of short term girlfriends. That is something that could definitely highlight his emotional maturity after knowing he was ready to settle down with Angela and it falling apart. I am all for the two of them getting together eventually, but the speed with which they broke up shows how much BOTH of them, not just Angela, have to work out. It seems to be her turn right now, but I hope he gets his chance too and isn't just portrayed as the doormat waiting on her to figure things out. If he was completely sure himself, I think he would have fought harder, or something.

The way he has attached to Wendell is endearing and I wouldn't mind seeing more of that as a way to explore both characters a bit deeper. Experiments are great (hey, I knew something was missing!), especially for Hodgins' bonding, but there are a lot of ways he could open up, especially to those who took Zack's place, and Wendell is a good place to start.

PS Loving the returning curls!
  • Everybody poops. Even wrote a book about it.
  • We're going down the rabbit hole here people. The CIA has no problem silencing people who poke around in their business.
  • Hey, a lot of people would like to see me dead.
  • We got drunk together last week. That carries great meaning for men.
Cam - Momma's in the house

I never mind Cam SUBTLY asserting her authority. It's been her 'thing' all along: I'm the boss, hear me rawr! The willingness to do whatever it takes, including attempting to thwart a CIA investigation is still there, but she seems to be a very different Cam this season, at least so far. I am remarkably spoiler free this season so I have no idea what the plans are, but I would certainly expect a lot of exploration into her newfound role as mother. I think that is greatly affecting how she views her team and how she treats her team. She's no longer the diva in a dress barking orders but has softened tremendously and even adopted quite the caring attitude.

Her sentimentality is a great foible to Brennan’s (apparent, but not really) lack of it. Cam immediately wanted to fix Wendell’s problem, even without telling him it existed, while Brennan appeared incredibly cold as she broke the news. I don’t feel, however, that appearances told the whole story there. Her demeanor screamed out ‘control’ rather than detachment. She was brisk but truthful with both the harsh reality and her compliments. I think she delivered the news exactly how SHE would want to hear it and that showed respect for Wendell. She has come a long way after basically being forced into complimenting her interns in the past. She has, however, been hurt by the loss of Zack and I feel that issue (as loss of connection is also a recurring theme in her life), as much as her belief they will disappoint, guides her attitudes and her attempts to keep her distance from each new face.
  • Michelle has been asking for months if we can get a kitten. I'm thinking 'no.'
  • Anyone who can take that kind of abuse makes James Bond look like a weeny.
Booth and Brennan - Heart and Soul

Since Cam’s section was basically taken over by Brennan talk, we might as well get down to it!

Most of us look for some balance of the private and the social as we seek affirmation for ourselves and our lives. You want a good job with a good house and good income but you also want your family to love and respect you. Brennan has been scarred deeply by the personal connections in her life and her continued reliance on the professional accolades and attained wealth speak clearly of a psych far out of balance, heavily weighted toward measures that are attainable with her skills and completely under her control. With her skill, intelligence, and honor she will never lose this standing. She can rely on it and feel comforted the same way that most of us would by the attention and caring of loved ones. His barbs, at least on some level, are attack her most basic measures of self, creating another disparity between them.

Booth is the complete opposite. While he admits that he wouldn’t mind the creature comforts that money like hers can buy, to him, it would not enrich his life because it would not give him one more iota of validation than the relationships in his life provide. Two relationships in particular: Parker and Brennan. That speaks volumes! As a man, he does see himself as the provider and protector. Brennan’s wealth knocks a little of the shine off that because it is HER wealth. If Cam or Angela were the wealthy ones he would in no way compare it to his own ability to provide and the accompanying social standing. Alone, what he has is enough. When he compares it to what Brennan has he does come up short and it bothers him.

Booth’s need to relearn plumbing goes right along with this. He sees it as the mark of a man to not only be able to take care of the people he loves but also his domain. It is not just about the plumbing. It is about what the action represents to him and even if he were to marry Brennan some day he would never become the kept man. It’s just one more thing they have to deal with as a non-couple couple that most couples explore after they’ve already made some type of official commitment. I love that running theme in the show. These two may bicker like an old married couple but they have a LONG way to reaching that level of complete comfort.

A big part of that has to do with the last layer (or layers) of secrecy between them. They each claim, out of fear and uncertainty, to be utterly honest with each other. I don’t know how they did it without more slinky shoulders and sideways glances. Seriously, they looked more uncomfortable when the victim’s girlfriend thought they were a couple. They are not honest with each other! This episode made me realize that I believe Gordon Gordon was actually wrong about the two of them. He sparked much debate amongst fans by claiming that one of these two was acutely aware of his/her feelings and the other was not. I would argue that they are both aware of them on different levels and have had completely different reactions to them. Sexual attraction clearly came about for both of them first. Offhand, I could tell you who I think realized it was more first. I do think they both did some time ago and while Booth hide from it, even deeply burying it, Brennan simply rationalized it away as something illogical to follow for a plethora of reasons.

The last scene is adorable, heartwarming, and infuriating. “I’m glad we don’t have any secrets”…..?!?! At least they do follow that up with some good revelations about how she feels close to him, he doesn’t think it matters (between them) and she ‘almost’ believes it. And, for once, I don’t mind how the moment was ‘ruined’, her watch being ruined and all.
This episode truly left me with a smile on my face, plenty of questions, and knowing I had an enjoyable hour. What more can you ask for (realistically…:) )?

Booth quotes:
  • It's okay, Ms. Rolex, I'll be fine.
  • An ex-Army Ranger with multiple commendations and a pristine record at the FBI isn't good enough for you or them?
  • It was a mechanical clown. You tell me you never wanted to do that?
  • Want some s'mores?
  • That's going to kill the blue book value.
  • It's a book for dummies, not imbeciles.
  • You smell dead bodies, and that stinks?
Bones quotes:
  • I think the car is bleeding.
  • It's like reconstructing the circulatory system.
  • I was told that I'll never have to work again.
  • Whatever he says is a guess.
  • I am a wealthy, accomplished woman. Why would I want to learn a menial skill?

Guest Episode Review - #210 "The Headless Witch in the Woods"

Another Bones Season 2 episode review, thanks to Sai: "The Headless Witch in the woods."

Season 1 Reviews - all done!
Season 2 Reviews - still waiting on at least half!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The Headless Witch in the Woods

Yayy! Season 2. My favorite, favorite season. Now I may be biased, but everything – from how the actors looked, to how they acted, to how the character stories were built, to how good the cases were, to the gentle mix of the serious, the macabre and funny – Perfect. And I include McFloppy (Sully) and Cam here.

Any bonehead (Pun unintended. I think.) would realize why I chose this episode to review – the first ‘official’ guy hug! I shall get there and wax eloquent in a bit. But let’s proceed systematically, shall we?

“Let’s place some garlic around the remains and chant the Hmong rituals for the preservation of souls”

A bunch of hikers run into a gruesome (what else) dead body in a wood that is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of a woman called Maggie Cinders. She is supposed to have been be-headed in the wood because of her being a suspected witch. The legend is that Maggie Cinders is supposed to haunt those woods and would kill anyone who came looking for her.

Your browser may not support display of this image. The episode starts with B&B in the forest looking for the body and Booth getting creeped out by the forest and its legends. As Booth and Bones move along with the ranger towards the body, Bones drifts away looking at some strange talismans which have caught her attention. Booth is as usual protective (and dare I say big brotherly?)and tells her to stay close. David Boreanaz/Booth (I sometimes can’t tell the difference in my head) has this amazing, gentle voice – even when he is man-handling a suspect - and he uses it to great effect here.T hey find a broken video camera along with the remains. What they don’t find however, is the victim’s head.

Angela reconstructs some of the video and it looks like a Blair-Witch-Project kind of movie – lots of grainy black and white film, jerky camera movement, screams and of course blood.

A past injury from the bones confirms the identity of the body. The body it turns out belongs to a missing film student Graham Hastings. They talk to the brother Will Hastings and realize that the family background is similar to that of Brennen’s. The boys’ parents died at an early age and Will Hastings became a fire fighter and looked after his little brother, instead of letting him get into Foster care.

The case moves on. And it’s a great one by the way – filled with a number of smart details and red herrings. Did the kids do drugs in the forest? What else explains the hallucinogenic ramblings on the back of a script in Graham’s backpack? Why is the girl – Lori – who was in the forest along with Graham – so freaked out that she had to check back into the psych ward? ( A quick shout out to the actress’s amazing acting – she was creepy good or what?) Is she faking it – did she kill Graham due to Your browser may not support display of this image. her jealousy because of his playing around?

What is the significance of the script that Brian Andrews (the third person in the team that went into the forest) stole from Graham? What is the role of Nate Gibbons – the teacher who is helping Brian produce the film made on the stolen script and taking it to Sundance? Who made the chopping sounds with the axe and poured blood (cow’s blood it turns out) on Lori in the forest? And lastly, what is with the 200 year old skull that they find in the forest – Maggie Cinders’ skull maybe?

As it turns out, the victim, Graham Hastings – was no prince. In order to make his movie more realistic he gets his professor to steal a skull from the University and asks his brother, Will, to set up the creepy atmosphere in the forest. Complete with blood and chopping sounds. To make Lori’s reactions more realistic, he slips her some mushrooms which given her already fragile mental chemistry made her go berserk. Will Hastings – his elder brother, gets all upset after realizing what a monster he has raised and well chops off his own brother’s head. Though he insists that it was the ghost of Maggie Cinders who made him do it. Ah well. Just as we thought that Bones found a good, handsome one.

Your browser may not support display of this image. “I find your imagery both colourful and accurate.”

This great episode also gives us some great insights into the supporting cast’s characters. Whether is it Cam talking about how her mom ‘came back’ to her and pointed her towards a keepsake or Zack admitting that it would be nice if people could come back. Angela and Hodgins’ romance slowly moving forward.

It was also a great episode for cool detective and forensic work. Angela and Hodgins reconstruct the exact place where the body was placed by freeze framing a scene with Lori’s watch in the video and finding the latitude and longitude through moon’s shadows (Phew! and Wow!). Angela also finds the fact that there was someone else (6 foot tall) in the forest on the night of the murder in the shadows of the video. Zack discovers the serial number on the older skull that identifies it as a specimen from the university. And of course the experiment which proves that the body was moved post-mortem.

“Because essentially you know – you are a guy like me. But not really. “

Early on, while watching the disturbing video Cam grabs Booth’s hand in a moment of fear and Bones notices. I have always wondered – was this the first time she realized that there was something between Cam and Booth? I feel she probably had a clue when she saw Booth all flustered in the ‘Girl with a curl’ when Cams heels were clicking away to the lab’s exit – but this confirmed her suspicions.

After their meeting with Will Hasting, as Booth and Bones drive back to the lab, Bones wonders what it would have been like if Russ hadn’t abandoned her and looked after her instead. Booth tells her that she probably turned out as well as she did because of that. Bones casually mentions that she plans to have coffee with Will Hastings when Booth reacts in his Booth-y way she tells him that she too needs to connect – just as he has obviously connected with Cam. Booth’s reaction is priceless as he realizes that Bones knows what he has obviously been trying to hide for a while. Through the rest of the episode Booth is still trying to get over his embarrassment of being found out and trying to explain to Bones (and himself) on why he hid it from her. He is snippy and defensive through the episode.

“What am I a cheater?”

“Yeah I know it gets cold when the sun goes down. You should have gotten your blankie” – To the hapless FBI forensics guy looking for the bloody clothes in the forest.

“But you are looking at me like I am in trouble and you are a teacher.

The conversation where the poor man tries to explain himself is totally priceless with my favorite line being: “No. I’d prefer not to be a woman. If you don’t mind.”

Your browser may not support display of this image. At the end though there is no awkwardness. Booth’s face as he is arresting Will Hastings, as he see how shattered Bones is about picking another weirdo (Albeit a very handsome weirdo – sorry I had to insert it in here!) speaks volumes about how much her cares about her. Later in her office, he tries to explain to her why she chooses who she does, letting her know that she is not as clueless about people as she thinks she is – hey she saw through him!

And finally, just letting her know that she is not alone and giving her that ‘guy hug’ – knowing it will make both of them feel better. The look of absolute peace and contentment on both their faces. Siiiiiggghhhhh.....

As if we needed any more reasons to love this episode. And the season. And the series.

Hart Hanson on Booth's Grandfather

Ausiello asks Hart Hanson about Booth's grandfather and gets a non-response response that's so vague it hardly qualifies as a spoiler. (Entire page is about spoilers for various shows, however.)

Fox Stars: Poker Faces

Fox asked their stars to show their Poker Faces. Includes Emily Deschanel and Michaela Conlin.

Couples Who Should Do It

TVGuide has a list of fan choices for Couples Who Should Do It. Bones is listed at #3.

Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz), Bones

"A must ... but not anytime soon. I enjoy the writers playing around with the aspects of their relationship, and getting together too soon would probably kill the show. It worked for Mulder and Scully, so it should work for them!" — inemorrigan

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Programming Note

Review is half done, everything but BB and some quotes, and I hope to post it Monday!

I also have another guest episode review waiting that I hope to also put out Monday, maybe first thing tomorrow to buy me some time? :)

Anyone who would still like to email me their Season 2 review it would definitely be appreciated and I would love to publish it for every one to read. It's okay that the season has started - we love the old stuff too!

Episode Stills: A Night at the Bones Museum

Episode skills for Bones Season 5, episode 5: A Night at the Bones Museum.

Once again, I will stick to making an album and linking to it, instead of posting pictures directly. Some spoiler warning, as always. Enjoy!

Guest Episode Review - #217 "The Priest in the Churchyard"

Another Bones Season 2 episode review, courtesy of Kate: "The Priest in the Churchyard."

Season 1 Reviews - all done!
Season 2 Reviews - still waiting on at least half!

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The Priest in the Courtyard Review and Commentary

Teaser: Brennan and Booth investigate a parish after a flood reveals an extra body in the church’s cemetery. Naturally, things are not as they appear and it’s up to Brennan and Booth to solve the mystery. Their abilities are hampered by unusual tension, causing Dr. Gordon Wyatt (Stephen Fry) to step in and set things right between the duo. Meanwhile, Hodgins asks Angela to move in with him and she seems oddly reticent.

Review and Commentary: The scene opens with Brennan and Zach looking over the remains (literally) of a flooded church cemetery. They’re accompanied by the local priest, Father Matt Sands, who offers Exposition for the story and also foreshadows later developments. A more senior priest, Father William Donlan, begins to complain about lack of respect for authority and the interlopers just as Brennan identifies recently buried body and bluntly suggests foul play. Nothing like getting off on the wrong foot for maximum tension in minimum time.

Arriving at the lab, Booth informs Brennan that Father Donlan formally complained about her comments. Her attempts to clarify only dig her into a deeper hole and once again she dismisses religion as irrational superstition. Booth throws up his hands (metaphorically) and refuses to work the case. Brennan takes offense and the two bicker while revealing what is really at the heart of their disagreement: Sully. Poor Zach in the background keeps on rattling off information about the victim, but neither party is listening. Booth declares they should see Dr. Wyatt to get to the root of their issues. Brennan reacts defensively and changes the subject back to the victim. End scene and roll opening credits.

Still in the lab, Hodgins is updating Cam on his exciting discovery: the flood was caused by someone hitting a water main with a shovel. Since there are few, uh, wholesome and innocent reasons to be digging in a cemetery in the middle of the night, they assume the digging is related to the murder. Angela comes up with a sketch of the victim and Hodgins estimates the time of death around three years ago. Oh, there’s some mushy Angela and Hodgins banter, which is now like a dagger in my heart. Dagger, I say!

Booth and Brennan call again on Father Donlan, who is busy gardening. He refuses to believe it was murder, but before Bones can insult him too much, the parish administrator, Lorraine, comes out and smoothes things over—kind of. Father Donlan proves his mental prowess, which Brennan has called into question, by naming every plant in the garden. The yew tree has a curiously prominent place in their discussion; why ever could that be? Hmm. The conversation concludes with B&B getting whisked inside to have tea “with the hippie priest.” I’m pretty sure a priest—especially an old-school one—would never refer to another priest in such a disrespectful manner (particularly in front of company), but it does serve along with the previous scenes to establish Donlan as The Old Curmudgeon.

Inside the parish offices, Father Matt discusses how he’s “younged up” the parish. Brennan mistakes progressive for non-believer, which Father Matt quickly corrects. He’s trying to attract people to the parish, not to change Church doctrine. Bones again equates intelligence with rationality, putting her foot in her mouth. Booth tries to apologize for her, but Father Matt is unflustered. Booth tends to try to cover for Brennan or at least excuse away her offending comments, but his failure to do so here highlights how high tensions between the two are. Lorraine explains her background, but neither recognizes the victim. Lorraine’s pound cake offers Father Matt the opportunity to again mention his stomach troubles. If you don’t see this as An Important Clue, that’s a merit for the writer but it is. Booth asks if there’s anyone else the sketch could be shown to and Father Matt suggests showing after Mass. That’s pretty unorthodox, but Father Matt insists.

In the car, Booth again complains about Bones insulting the priests. She responds, quite accurately, that it was Booth who felt insulted. He again raises the issue of therapy. Brennan becomes very defensive, calling Booth “bossy and judgmental.” He switches tactics and lays on the charm—and the guilt. She agrees to go, but reminds him that she will not hold back any opinions at the time. Booth is pleased.

Meanwhile, in the lab Jack has uncovered a clue, but gets distracted by Angela. She’s ready to go home and that leads Hodgins to ask her to move in. She balks; he reminds her that “over half [of closet space] is the common law definition of living together.” She goes on about her own place, how she needs it, etc. but Hodgins is unconvinced. As am I. If it’s just a place where you crash sometimes, rent a room. But I digress. They start smooching it up and Cam throws some cold water on them (metaphorically). They’ve all been exposed to some disease with a dreadful name, but which is really just Valley Fever. You may remember valley fever as the disease which caused the lab to be quarantined in the first season episode, “The Man in the Fallout Shelter.” It’s dealt with here much more logically (valley fever is a non-communicable disease that’s rarely fatal so the quarantine makes no sense), though giving shots to healthy adults is a bit aggressive.

In the diner, B&B are talking to Dr. Wyatt about God. Well, it’s really more like bickering in the presence of Dr. Wyatt. He offers a line from Blake and wins over Brennan with his declaration that psychology is a poor excuse for a science. Dr. Wyatt astutely observes, as Booth did earlier, that religion is the symptom, not the cause of their problems. Also, how funny is it to hear Stephen Fry say “issue”?

Taking Father Matt up on his offer, Angela and Booth are at church. Booth is actually participating in the service, while Angela is questioning why she is there and not Brennan. They’re having some work troubles, according to Booth. Angela asks if they slept together. “Do you see where we are?!! You don’t talk like that at church!” Booth replies. She, unsurprisingly, doesn’t take that as a no, insisting that “this sounds like a couples thing.” Booth maintains the party line, it’s a work thing. Finishing the service, Father Matt introduces Booth and Angela, who show the sketch around. After some modifications, the victim is identified as Father McCourt, the previous priest. Booth talks to Father Donlan and Lorraine but they aren’t very helpful, only offering that he was secretive, often gone, and left a note one day saying he was leaving the priesthood.

Back in the lab, Zach has noticed postmortem injuries on the other bodies from the cemetery. They realize the water main was probably broken by a grave robber and theorize that Father McCourt was killed after catching the robber in the act. This doesn’t really jive with what Lorraine said in the previous scene, but the writer is hoping we forgot that (or forgot that herself). Booth and Bones meet with Father Matt to inform him of the grave-robbing. He once again complains about his stomach and Bones suggest he may have Valley Fever. That’s not a good guess, since upset stomach or nausea aren’t symptoms (despite what Cam said earlier), but Bones isn’t a medical doctor, so we’ll let it slide.

In Angela’s office, she and Hodgins are pouring over photographs of the deceased, trying to trace the stolen goods. She asks him about Booth and Brennan and stuff. Hodgins is always up for some good gossip, but says he didn’t notice any extra tension. Of course, he apparently is inept at reading women, so…. Angela promises to discuss the moving in thing at lunch. Cam interrupts saying valley fever is rare enough for the CDC to record cases (it’s not) and they need to give samples to confirm the strain. Outside in the center of the lab, Booth is showing Dr. Wyatt around. Dr. Wyatt keeps negatively analyzing the position of Booth’s hands, much to his chagrin. But, this is not about where Booth’s hands are. (Or is it? I’ll come back to this.) This is about how Booth feels about the lab. And he has a lot of feelings for the lab (which symbolizes Brennan, as you’ll undoubtedly conclude); my favorite being where he expresses his desire to rip it all down with his bare hands and set it on fire, except there’s nothing flammable. No, no problems or repressed desires there.

In the interrogation room, B&B are questioning Enzo, a boy from church, who is revealed as the grave robber. He stole from the graves to support a drug habit. He suggests that Father McCourt was a pedophile who was abusing another boy at church, James. He suggests they talk to him. The level of bickering goes up a notch during the interrogation, which Enzo seems to find a little amusing. Meanwhile, Hodgins and Angela are getting it on in the Egyptian storage room. Apparently, this is “lunch.” He attempts to talk to her about moving in together as she promised, but she says she’s too distracted and puts off answering the question.

Booth and Bones are interviewing James in Booth’s office. Booth mentions that he too was an altar boy and liked his priest, but…. James gets upset and says that it wasn’t like that. His dad was nowhere to be found, so Father McCourt became his surrogate dad. James also added that Father Donlan believed he was being abused and intended to punish Father McCourt (harshly, it’s implied). This could easily have been a very trite scene, with James as the abused child seeking vengeance on his abuser-priest, but instead “Bones” goes for a more subtle approach. David Boreanaz is very restrained in this scene, particularly in his facial expressions and tone of voice, which keeps the mood appropriately somber and gently guides James (and the viewer) to the obvious meaning behind his statement. This also lets James himself voice the most serious conclusions, which make his questioning more palatable.

Back in the interrogation room, Father Donlan is being interviewed. He expresses his conservative beliefs: churches should be firm and not be moved by the winds of the time. Bones says that religions that fail to adapt are demoted to mythologies and ultimately fail. (“Nobody worships Odin anymore.”) Needless to say, neither Father Donlan nor Booth are amused. He kicks her out of the room (“All I can think about now is giving you catechism.”) and she leaves in a huff. It’s revealed that his parish has a history of dealing with troubled priests. It’s also revealed that Father Donlan once caned a child—who was, granted, drinking sacramental wine from the chalice. He says he no longer uses corporeal punishment (which is also what he told Zach in the opening scene). Booth asks whether Father McCourt paid too much attention to James. Donlan says to ask James, dodging the question. When Booth repeats their conversation, Donlan expresses remorse for frightening the boy. This scene is the first time we’re given a look beyond at his character beyond Curmudgeon and it’s quite interesting. Here, Donlan is shown as a man who keenly feels his responsibilities to the church and to society. He may be old fashioned, but he takes seriously his role as a leader/teacher of both the congregation and the troubled priests he’s sent. He’s a moral exemplar, for whom there can be no grey areas or doubts, only firm convictions and clearly defined boundaries between right and wrong.

Back in the lab, Zach’s found additional fractures and abnormalities in the bone matrix. Cam agrees to run a tox screen, while Hodgins identifies the murder weapon as being antique silver. Back in the interrogation room, Brennan is complaining to Dr. Wyatt about being kicked out. He reminds her to be “kicked out,” the space must belong to someone else. Counterpointing to Booth’s feelings about the lab, Brennan feels frustrated in questioning suspects. She wants to figure out how Booth does it and replicate it on her own—except according to Bones, she doesn’t. She wants to figure Booth out completely, “be one with him” as Dr. Wyatt puts it. Bones catches what he’s doing and amends it to include “in a scientific sense.” Again, no problems or repressed desires here folks.

B&B pay a visit to the parish to trying to get more information. Bones notices the sacramental chalice is made of antique silver and argues it needs to be tested. Booth is understandably concerned, but after weighing the situation in his mind, he picks up the chalice and out the door they go. Guess he figures God would spot him this one. Hodgins concludes it is the murder weapon, but Zach says the blow was struck peri-mortem, so maybe not. Luckily, Cam breaks the stalemate by saying the victim was poisoned.

B&B return again to the parish, this time to the gym. Booth is concerned that Father Matt failed to mention he knew Father McCourt from school. They interrupt wrestling practice, the most suggestively homoerotic of all the sports. I’m not kidding; it’s quite clear the writer wants the viewer to perceive Father Matt’s actions in this scene as straddling the line between acceptable and uncomfortable. “Use it to smite your enemies” is a good line, though it only works as a transition between the wrestling maneuvers and the questioning because David Burke plays Father Matt so sincerely and earnestly innocent. Father Matt restates that although they went to the same school, he didn’t know the victim and that he was sent to revitalize the parish, nothing else.

At an impasse, Booth and Brennan are at the diner. Brennan attempts to create a motive for Father Matt to have killed Father McCourt. She fails miserably, but she does admit to Booth that she has no intuition. He agrees. Booth offers his argument: Father Donlan is sent troubled priests, but he is getting too old to deal with them properly so he takes action. Dr. Wyatt pops in, quipping “Quarreling? Yes, of course you are.” He declares he knows their problem and can set things right. Of course, he always knew what the problem was; he was just having fun. They are both worried that Bones didn’t leave with Sully because of Booth. We the viewers know this is true, for B&B can no longer look at each other. Dr. Wyatt definitively declares this to be quite wrong and states that the true reason was that Brennan can’t lead a purposeless life. With the status quo restored, they can finally focus on the case and realize that Father Matt has been sick for a long time and perhaps has been poisoned too. The scene end with a high five, the way all scenes should end.

Bones shares Dr. Wyatt’s insights with a skeptical Angela. Angela asks if Brennan really believes what Dr. Wyatt said, which Brennan deflects with a comment about expertise. Either she’s really that na├»ve or, as I suspect, she’s deliberately choosing to believe what she knows cannot be true. Makes a certain season four episode very interesting, no? Angela, meanwhile, relates her own tale of relationship woe to Bones, who sets up a meeting with Dr. Wyatt.

In the FBI conference room, Booth and Brennan confront Father Donlan with the evidence against him. He confesses, but Booth believes he is lying. Donlan agrees to name the killer, if he gets to take the confession.

In the interrogation room, Father Donlan is talking to Lorraine. It was all an accident, she didn’t mean to kill Father McCourt, just weaken him so he couldn’t abuse anyone. He fell and hit his head, she hit him with the chalice just to be sure he was dead before burial. (Because checking for breathing and pulse is so unreliable.) Donlan tells her that there was no proof that McCourt abused anyone and Father Matt was merely a replacement. She asks for absolution, he says “this is not that kind of confession.” I am 100% sure this would never, ever happen in real life nor would Lorraine think that attending confessional in a FBI interrogation room was normal. Still, it’s TV land and wordplay, so they let it slide. The musical montage is nice, though.

Ahhhhh! Sorry, for a second there I was blinded by the inappropriate lens flare that transitions into the final scene. If you’re not being blinded between scenes, it’s not the second season! In the diner, Brennan brings Angela to Dr. Wyatt, saying “We need you to do it with her.” At the risk of being relegated to the role of advice columnist, he suggests that Angela wait to make a decision until Hodgins has an equal amount of stuff at her place and remove a bunch of her stuff from his closet in the meantime. Brennan leaves to meet Booth, but Angela lingers. Once Brennan is out of earshot, she calls Dr. Wyatt on his bull. Brennan didn’t go with Sully because of Booth. He told them what they needed to hear to be able to work together, which is his primary interest since he is employed by the FBI. Wyatt acknowledges Angela’s insight and the scene ends. End of episode, roll credits.

This is an episode that seems to be a lot more important in the evolution of Brennan and Booth’s relationship, in light of the fourth season. Let’s return to Booth’s conversation with Dr. Wyatt in the lab. The lab is symbolic of Brennan, as I stated earlier and I think we all agree with that. Wanting to rip down the edifice with his bare hands can be interpreted to mean he’d like to tear down Bones’ emotional barriers. Set it on fire; passion is often described as fire. Nothing is flammable=she is incapable of passion (at least with him). Of course, this is highly speculative. More likely, Booth is just questioning where he fits in Brennan’s world, especially with her break-up with Sully in mind. Still, I think it is a valid reading of the scene, particularly if taken in strict parallelism with Brennan’s conversation with Wyatt. As for Bones, I think she starts to realize that she has feelings for Booth that extend beyond the professional. She chooses, again in my opinion, to ignore them and believe a lie rather than cope with them. All of which (Booth’s and Brennan’s feelings) will be explored more fully in the fourth season.

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Guest Episode Review - #220 "The Spaceman in the Crater"

Bones Season 2 episode reviews are still coming in bit by bit (thank you for all who are still working on them or have sent them - they will be posted, even if a bit slowly) and now we have Emma's review of "The Spaceman in the Crater." You can check out her blog here.

Season 1 Reviews - all done!
Season 2 Reviews - still waiting on at least half!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The Spaceman in the Crater

The opening for this episode is one which is particularly amusing; the cows that are happily grazing in a quiet field on a beautiful sunny day don’t let the object that falls from the sky distract them from this task. The object of course turns out to be human remains, though there is light hearted discussion as to whether the remains could be from outer space, this is quickly dismissed due to the loafers that the body is wearing. Of course with this light hearted talk of aliens comes some mocking of Hodgins and his beliefs in many conspiracy theories, though he even scoffs at the loafers that have already been mentioned as a reason for the remains being of human and not alien origin. The lack of burnt matter also puts this debate to rest as they must have been dropped below the Earths atmosphere. It is quite quickly realised by the squint squad that the remains belong to someone who has had prolonged exposure in space, not an alien but an astronaut (Colonel Calvin Howard) and this leads the team to an investigation at National Space Agency (the Bones version of NASA I guess).

The condition of the remains are particularly bad, even by the standards that this show has set (though I would say that it isn’t the worst that have featured), this is definitely an episode not to be accompanied by food (though how many are really?). The body, however, is not just bone but flesh as well which prompts the continued debate between the importance of flesh and bone in the investigation and which can help solve the case. This debate is highlighted with an encounter between Cam and Zack, when after discussing whether the flesh needs to be boiled off the bones to determine cause of death, Zack demonstrates his usual detachment from the remains as having once been a human being. This prompts Cam to mutter the name Igor under her breath, comparing Zack to Dr Frankenstein’s assistant (in this case making Bones Dr. Frankenstein).

This conflict between two different schools of thought is not the only one in the episode, in fact I would suggest that most of this episode is built on conflict of two parties and how these should be resolved in a civil manner, which as the murder investigation continues soon reveals the cause of the crime- but more on that later as first I want to discuss the issues that arise between two different agencies- the FBI and National Space Agency. I always enjoy scenes between Booth and other agencies as there always seems to be a level of contempt between the two, this is highlighted in the scene between Booth and ‘equivalent to a General’ Nina Sanborne; the look on Booths face when she demands a warrant which she thinks he does not possess and when he pulls it out of his pocket is priceless.

At this point in the investigation they have learned that Colonel Howard due to his prolonged exposure in space did not have the bone density to complete another mission and was in the process of training his replacement, this replacement is Commander Adams who they need to interview, they decide to join him for his training in the ‘vomit comet’. The scene that follows is one where we get to see Bones in a relaxed and somewhat gleeful state, which is always a welcome sight. Booth also appears to be enjoying the experience, but when it is over he goes straight back to questioning Adams regarding Colonel Howard, this demonstrates that Booth can come across as playful but his mind is always on the task at hand. They learn that Howard was talking to the STC (Space Transit Collection) who could be described as UFO nuts.

This is the point in the episode where I felt like it was bordering on X-Files territory (not that this is a bad thing), the talk of conspiracy, aliens and the FBI will do this I guess. Anyway they learn that Howard believed he had seen something in space that could not be explained and this leads to a possible motive for murder- to cover up another conspiracy. A theory that we will find out is incorrect.

The next scene has one of my favorite gags of the episode; whilst Zack is boiling the flesh off the bones Hodgins walks in stating that ‘Something smells good’, which sounds kinda gross, however a Pop Tart pings up from a nearby toaster and Hodgins grabs it (is it weird that this scene really makes me want to eat a Pop Tart?). Zack and Hodgins debate the color of extra terrestrials, which is interrupted by Zack finding an anomaly on one of the bones. They find an implant in the bone which turns out to be coral surrounding a tiny electromagnetic implant to help strengthen his bones so that the density will high enough for him to return to space. As revealed earlier by Colonel Bob Reid once you have been in to space all you want to do is to get back there and the amazing feeling that it provides surpasses any other, including even the birth of your own children (the book ‘Moondust’ by Andrew Smith looks into those who have been in space and is an excellent place to start if you are interested in what happens to the men who have been in to space after they return to earth). The team soon track the implant back to the STC and to a doctor who was doing the experimental surgery, this turns in to somewhat of a dead end as the doctor reasons that it would be in his best interests for Howard to return to space as it would make him famous for giving him his bone density back. On a side note regarding the coral, I read that rather than any of the dead body props it is the piece of coral that has made Emily Deschanel the most nauseous due to the texture of the prop.

Back to the investigation, Angela and Zack have figured out that Howard was killed by an object that cut him in four points at the same time. The only weapon that could possibly do this is a broad sword which seems rather unlikely as the actual murder weapon, a light saber is also mentioned which provides another hilarious Zack/Hodgins moment as Zack theories that a light saber couldn’t have done it, not because they don’t exist but because of the way the cuts are. After some debate, Bones realizes that it was a propeller that was rotating that must have caused Howard’s death. This leads them back to the aircraft hanger where they discover that it is Commander Adam’s plane that is the offending weapon.

Booth leaves Bones in the car with Adams whilst he goes to arrest his wife as it would’ve needed two people to carry out the clean up of the body. Adams uses this opportunity to reveal to Bones what really happened, that it was an accident caused by Howard revealing that he would be going in to space and not Adams causing his wife to slap Howard, which in turn caused him to fall back in to the blades of the plane. This again shows the conflict that I mentioned earlier, but this time of a more personal nature, with a wife trying to support her husband and between two men who want the same thing. It is one of those episodes where the killing was unintentional and the crime is the cover up caused by panic. Now Adams will never get his chance to go in to space.

Aside from the case, the main sub plot in this episode is Hodgins wanting to propose to Angela. Early on Hodgins goes to see Booth to get some relationship advice; I love the scenes between these two as Booth tends to come across as an unwilling to give relationship advice, however on this occasion we learn about when he proposed to Rebecca and she turned him down and it is really lovely to see him give a piece of himself up to Hodgins in such a vulnerable situation. It is also in this scene that when he mentions that he has already tried to propose once I was a bit confused as to why they hadn’t shown that scene. I watched the second season on DVD so it took me a moment to realise that there was a missing episode due to the Virginia Tech tragedy, hence the missing scene (which can now be seen on the season 3 DVD). This leads to the actual proposal scene at a fancy French restaurant, when I first saw this episode I was pretty sure that Angela was going to say yes so I was surprised and initially annoyed that she turned him down, but it does fit her character and considering what has happened between them since it was perhaps the best answer- though I do wish that they will eventually get them back together. Also I found it funny that Angela momentarily thought that Hodgins was going to break up with her, which would be an uncharacteristic move from him, as he clearly worships her and still does two seasons later.

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Bones Ratings: The Bond in the Boot

Did the premiere episode of Flash Forward take a bit out of Bones? Numbers were down a bit from last week, but the demos are still nice and Fox spins it well:


  • Week two of BONES posted a 2.7/8 among Adults 18-49 and so far this fall is outperforming its Thursday average last season by +7% among Adults 18-49, +10% among Adults 18-34, and +2% among Total Viewers.
  • Compared to FOX’s Fall’08 time period performance with regular programming, BONES is up +71% among Adults 18-49, +35% among Adults 18-34, and +140% among Total Viewers. BONES ranked No. 3 in the hour among Adults 18-49 and No. 2 in Adults 18-34.

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Share Viewers (Millons)

8:00 ABC FlashForward (series premiere) 4.1/12 12.41

CBS Survivor: Samoa 3.7/11 11.87

FOX Bones 2..7/8 8.80

NBC SNL Weekend Update Thursday 1.8/5 4.66

CW The Vampire Diaries 1.7/5 3.81

8:30 NBC Parks & Recreation 1.8/5 4.22

David Boreanaz talks about the Buffy Movie

Thanks, Erin, for sending me this link. MTV asked David Boreanaz about all those Buffy movie rumors and whether he would be willing to revisit the role. Most of you know, he does not like to talk about this, at all, and, despite that, he seemed very gracious in his replies.

TVGuide: Fan's Favorite Fall TV Shows

Thanks, Irina, for pointing out that TV Guide drew attention to Bones in a nice way as well (though in some ways, the last mention was at least fair, if not nice!). Bones is #3 on the "Fan's Favorite Fall TV Shows" list.

Bones (Fox)

"Honestly, Bones is so well written with intelligent humor. In spite of it being a crime-fighting show, it makes me laugh harder than shows that are strictly comedy." — roxygirl

Promo: The Plain in the Prodigy

Here is the promo for the next Bones episode, "The Plain in the Prodigy" that aired after last night's episode.

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The TV Addict talks to Tamara Taylor

The TV Addict has a great interview with Tamara Taylor. Enjoy the first 4 points no matter what way you lean on spoilers. The last is slightly spoilerish, very slightly.

The path not taken:
For an actress who has fit in so well at the Jeffersonian, it may surprise fans to learn that Tamara Taylor was this close to not joining the cast of BONES. The reason, a little show you may have heard of called GREY’S ANATOMY. “It was actually down to me, fellow Canadian Sandra Oh, and one other woman [for the role of Cristina Yang] and of course we all know who got it,” recounted Taylor. “But I’m a huge believer of fate, destiny, call it what you will and when I see her [Sandra Oh] giving her Emmy speech, it’s like of course it was destined to be.” Destiny, which thankfully worked out in her favour months later when Taylor, after shooting the pilot of 3LBS (a short lived CBS medical drama starring Stanley Tucci) turned down the opportunity to move to New York when the show got picked up as a series, “My agent, friends, everybody thought I was crazy,” explained the actress. “But I said I didn’t want to go and then as soon as that happened I got the part on BONES.”

Episode Discussion - The Bond in the Boot

Bones Season 5 is getting into the swing of things! Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 2
The Bond in the Boot

Please, please, PLEASE - NO SPOILERS FOR FUTURE EPISODES! Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers or download links for the episodes.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of the episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!

David Boreanaz on Regis & Kelly - Mon Sept 28th

David Boreanaz will (should) be on Regis & Kelly next Monday, September 28th. I think his R&K interviews hold up (meaning don't get canceled) and they are always fun to watch!

David Boreanaz's Emmy Meet-Up

David Boreanaz connected with a few old friends at the Emmy's last weekend. (Sorry for the crooked picture, it was uploaded that way.)

Here's a pic from my seat at the Emmys on Twitpic

Episode Description: The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Fox has put out the press release for Bones Season 5 Episode 4: The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. It will air Thursday, October 8th. Spoiler warning, as always.

TV's Unsexiest Sex Scenes

Bones has earned the dubious honor of being included on TV Guide's "Sex Scenes we Don't want to See" list.

2. Coma Sex, Bones

Similar to House's sexual fake-out, but deserving of its own entry, if for no other reason than the show's slavish devotion to will-they-or-won't-they tension. Since we're pretty much convinced at this point that they won't, there's no reason to tease the fans with some whacked-out whoopee-making that occurs while one of the participants is in a coma. The Stewie Griffin crossover was less offensive.

Happy Bonesday!

Tonight's Bones episode is "The Bond in the Boot" and you can find pictures, descriptions, clips, and even spoilers under the tag here on the blog.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern. As with last week, you can start posting in it right away as a pure "Episode Discussion" thread when it goes up if you saw it last night. If you just can't wait, remember there is always the spoiler post!

The promo definitely makes it look like a fun episode -

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MTV talks to David Boreanaz

I guess this is the substitute for the Alexa Chung interview that was scrubbed from the schedule. There's an interview and a video with David Boreanaz available. Not much info, but spoiler warning anyway. Thanks, Erin, for the link.

Bones Ratings Ranking

The Bones Season 5 Premiere, "Harbingers in the Fountain," ranked nicely into the top 20s last week for both overall ratings and the 18-49 demo group.



Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net 18-49 Rating 18-49 Viewers (000)
NBC 9.8 12,946
NBC 7.2 9,472
NBC 4.9 6,492
6 EMMY AWARDS(S) S CBS 4.2 5,577
7 OFFICE P NBC 4.1 5,408
8 BIGGEST LOSER 8 P NBC 3.8 5,060
9 COMMUNITY P NBC 3.8 4,958
11 JAY LENO SHOW-WED P NBC 3.5 4,590
NBC 3.5 4,556
13 JAY LENO SHOW-TUE P NBC 3.4 4,476
14 60 MINUTES R CBS 3.3 4,332
15 AMERICA GOT TALENT 9/14(S) S NBC 3.3 4,316
FOX 3.2 4,152
17 BONES P FOX 3.1 4,066
18 FRINGE P FOX 3.0 3,916
CBS 2.8 3,729
20 JAY LENO SHOW-THU P NBC 2.7 3,614


ank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net # Viewers (LIVE+SD) (000) HH RATING (LIVE+SD) HH SHARE (LIVE+SD)
NBC 24,817 15.1 25
NBC 18,910 11.5 19
3 JAY LENO SHOW-MON P NBC 18,418 11.5 19
NBC 15,788 9.5 16
6 AMERICA GOT TALENT 9/14(S) S NBC 13,902 8.5 13
7 EMMY AWARDS(S) S CBS 13,471 8.7 14
8 JAY LENO SHOW-WED P NBC 13,363 8.5 15
NBC 13,362 8.3 14
10 60 MINUTES R CBS 13,122 8.4 14
CBS 12,435 8.0 13
12 SURVIVOR: SAMOA – SPECIAL(S) S CBS 11,664 6.8 11
13 JAY LENO SHOW-TUE P NBC 11,085 7.1 12
14 BONES P FOX 10,363 6.3 11
15 BIGGEST LOSER 8 P NBC 9,900 6.2 10
16 MENTALIST, THE R CBS 9,069 6.2 11
17 JAY LENO SHOW-THU P NBC 8,823 5.7 10
18 CSI R CBS 8,800 5.7 9
19 OFFICE P NBC 8,211 4.8 8
20 COMMUNITY P NBC 7,887 4.7 8

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