Monday, September 7, 2009

Early Review of the Bones Season 5 Premiere

TV Critics have already been sent advanced copies of the Bones Season 5 premier: "Harbingers in the Fountain." Daemon's TV has posted an early review. It obviously contains spoilers, but they try not to spoil too much. Read at your own risk!

Thanks, Lynn, for the link.


Monia said...

A kiss??
I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

booth asks bones to kiss him??? omg, i didnt know that!! did we know that already??
i cant wait to find out if she does!!

Monia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monia said...

There's another season 5 premiere's review:

Stephanie said...

Everyone is focusing on the kiss part of the review, but I'm confused over whether this person actually liked the episode or not. At the beginning this person sounds like they didn't like it at all, with the "Not anything exciting to report" about the case and comments on a "boring" King of the Lab moment, and a "not memorable" Cyndi Lauper. But then it said in terms of season premieres, it's "one of the best from Bones" and we're in for a "heck of a ride this season."

So does he just not really like the show but thought this premiere showed a lot of promise compared to past Bones seasons (hence the "from Bones" comment?) Or did he actually like the episode but just found everything but Booth & Brennan boring? Is anyone else confused?

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