Monday, September 14, 2009

Emily and Michaela appearances - pictures

Sorry for the fly-by posts today. Just wanted to get a few things out there but kind of short on time at the moment! :)

Michaela Conlin's appearance at Skybar, celebrating fashion.

Emily Deschanel and her boyfriend at M's cafe.


Kate said...

Nice picture of Emily. It's good to see her less made-up and more natural. They look very happy together.

The hosting site's a little skeezy, though. Watch out for those pop-ups!

Anonymous said...

I don't know, they kinda look bored. Deep down she wishes it was the other David...just joking! It's all in my looks so down to earth and real..though.....luv bones 4eva!

Stephanie said...

They do look a bit bored in some of them. They were at a restaurant. Maybe they were waiting for a table? I think Emily looks beautiful in those pictures, though. I like Michaela's outfit, too. Thanks for posting!

Hannah said...

Did Emily injure her foot? I think she was wearing a brace.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, she did. Hart tweeted and said she broke her toe getting out of her bathtub. She did it about three days before filming started this season, I think.

Anonymous said...

That's her boyfriend!!! You got to be kidding.

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