Thursday, September 24, 2009

Episode Discussion - The Bond in the Boot

Bones Season 5 is getting into the swing of things! Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 2
The Bond in the Boot

Please, please, PLEASE - NO SPOILERS FOR FUTURE EPISODES! Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers or download links for the episodes.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of the episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!


Shannon said...

Sweets seems to be gaining a backbone made of snarkiness...and the end was pure adorablness.

Anonymous said...


Whitney said...

The ending was so sweet!

Suzanne said...

Promo for Prodigy

Dani said...

gross gross gross body in the trunk!!!

WOOTS for them getting the ick factor back up to a top notch standard lol

anyone else get the feel that it might be Wendall Bray that is Zacks ultimate replacement?

Jen said...

I liked the ending, the case however was very hard to follow. Guess I'll just have to rewatch a few times til I get it.

Anonymous said...

That was a great episode. I feel like bones is better in these last two episodes than it ever has been.

Amanda said...

I liked this episode very much. Of course, my favorite intern is Wendell (can we PLEASE keep him??). He seems like the one the squints can best mesh with, including Booth (nice of Cam to point that out).

This case had a season 1-2 vibe to it, at least to me.

And how cute was that last scene??

Miss Mary said...

So great!

The money conversations were so uncomfortable in a totally yummy way! Love it! Season 5 is moving along for Grey's....God I love Thursday!

Anonymous said...

I thought this episode was great for a number of reasons:

1) Interesting case (very gory corpses!)

2) Really enjoyed the Wendell story. This episode really made if seem like he's part of the team. I loved how Booth used the Stanley Cup tactic at the end to really challenge Wendell to find the answers. He definitely seems the least gimicky of the interns.

3) Good character development for Brennan, shifting from the detached Doctor who doesn't allow for emotional attachments to her interns, to sympathetic, caring Doctor who does what's necessary to help one of her prized students.

4) Of course, good Booth/Brennan interaction. I liked how they didn't make this episode about Booth's issues with her wealth ('cause that's been done before) and instead made it about Brennan learning that there are other valuable things in life besides money. Like fixing plumbing. :)

5) Loved the last scene. It was so very intimate and sweet.

So all in all, a great episode. My only question is in regards to the scholarships. I assume we were to infer that each of Brennan, Hodgins and Angela made anonymous donations to fund the 3 scholarships? If that's the case, I had no idea Angela was supposed to have that kind of disposable income.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the scholarship thing either...there were 4 possible donors: Cam, Hodgins, Brennan and Ang....which 3 donated? I bet everyone but Brennan!

Justin said...

It said there was enough money provided for three scholarships, not three donors. I think Brennnan got a little generous, anyone agree?

Anonymous said...

I think it was Cam, Hodgins, and Brennan. Angela made the point that she had no money to contribute earlier when she said, "I pack my lunch!" And she looked shocked at the end when they found out about the scholarship...

Amanda said...

Maybe it wasn't a full ride scholarship, but it combined with other scholarships (that's how I made it through school--combining lots of scholarships).

Maybe Angela sold a couple of paintings?

Amanda said...

Ok Suz, my signal cut out and I missed the promo, so THANK YOU!

I'm going to have a hard time with next week's episode. I grew up in the county were "Devil's Playground" was filmed (and recognized a lot of the landmarks in the documentary). I will likely nitpick even if I don't try.

Anonymous said...

ok, i just had to say this, i loved when wendell said to ang and hodgins that he thought they were a "little too physced to see him" hodgins going "someones got some intimicy issues" that made me rack up!!

Anonymous said...

well brennan definitely is evolving. this time she didn´t need booth's intervenction to help wendell.
What a GENIUS episode, it had everything!!!!!!!. The best of the drama from s1 and S2 and the character's evolution of s3 and s4.
love the first take.

Nina said...

wow, this episode kicked ass. everything about it totally kicked ass. and to top it off with that plumbing scene?? i nearly died. I so hope there is a romantic scene THAT GOOD between those two every episode from now on...

also, yeah dude Wendall is by far my favorite and the rest of the lab's favorite. I would be SO grateful if they had him on as zacks replacement. please!!

Anonymous said...

I really did like this episode, but it reminded me of something that's been increasingly bugging me.

Brennan has made huge strides (well, relatively speaking!) in certain interpersonal matters, but not at all in other, more obvious/simple ones. She'll give up a trip in order to have Christmas at prison to make someone else happy, she'll break bad news kindly now, but she won't stop bringing up how much richer and smarter she is than Booth? Even for her character, I don't buy that she hasn't picked up on that being hurtful.

It's minor, I suppose, but it's irritating. For all the development/improvement that's been going on with her character, it almost seems that they're using that rather jarring callousness (to the closest person to her) as a schtick now.

Anonymous said...

Aaargh! The unavoidable letdown.

Don’t get me wrong, it was cute, and very Bones-like: There was a grodie body in a trunk, and lying witnesses abounded. Somebody got their hand hacked off with a pocket knife, for crying out loud. Wendell was adorable. The squints got embroiled in an awkward situation. There were unexplained marks on a bone. Brennan was in that aggravating, full-blown rational mode. She and Booth had a heartfelt conversation about their differences. It ended with a B&B “moment.”

But it’s the nature of the episode that follows an episode like “Harbingers.” Me? I eat up romantic tension with a snow shovel. (I know, we all watch Bones for different reasons, I accept that. But I’m a tension whore.) But this week, even with the cute plumbing experiment, it was like…

Did any of you watch The X-Files? It was like last week was “Memento Mori”, and this week was “Unrequited.” No matter how good “Unrequited” might have been, on the heels of “Memento Mori” it was disappointing because it lacked the raw, emotional pop of the episode that preceded it.

By next week I’ll be over it, I promise. And I will settle down and enjoy the rest of the season and remember that they can’t get together until it’s almost THE END. And we have at least two seasons to go. Lots of room for wonderfulness.

The not so great as it could have been:

The goofy CIA girl in the interrogation room mistaking them for a couple? [Insert manufactured moment where Bones and Booth have to deny they are a couple just so we don’t forget there is the potential for it.] That was a ham-handed device.

The pipe holding thing. Before you scream at me, hear me out. Don’t their best physical moments seem like…like they’re not even trying? Besides, he has his hands all over her all the time. Leading her in or out of a room, pulling her aside for a private conversation, yanking her back from danger. Hands, hands, hands. That ought to be the one thing he doesn’t have to feel awkward about. (Anybody notice in “Harbingers” how in two minutes time she turned down a hug from Cam, stiffly endured one from Hodgins, and grabbed Booth and held on for all she was worth? As awkward as their reunion could have been, the physical part wasn’t hard at all.) That pipe thing was a little too scripted. My preferred moment is noted below.

The good/memorable:

-Ugh, very sad, cold, oblique reference to Zack. It was hard to hear. But remember as Sweets says, the colder she is, the more she’s hurting. So that must still hurt like a flippin’ bear.

-Under the sink, Brennan says that despite their difference, she feels close to him. It wasn’t a declaration of undying love, but it’s an expression we haven’t heard from her before. Worth noting.

-OK, I did love the part where he has to reach over her to turn on the water. That was yummier than the pipe holding thing.

There are other things in my head I haven’t worked out yet. But really, it’s bedtime. I have got to set a time limit for myself when I do post-ep.

tah tah,

BB Shipper said...

Brennan give Sweets profession no! "Whatever he says is a guess'

Sweets, Booth and Brennan seems like little family now.

'You can but breakfast, ok miss rolex' 'I am a wealthy accomplished woman, why would I want to learn a menial skill?" - LOVE IT!

BB Shipper said...

Hart Hanson sais stephen nathan really gets into trying to find gross ways to present the bodies....hey I appreciate the creativity!

Zack really affected Brennan, she is so resistant to getting attached to another intern

Conspiracy theory Hodgins is back!

- 'We are going down the rabbit hole folks"

- 'A lot of people would like to see me dead!" yeeeaaahhh!!

The booth and bones car scenes are the best!
- Its a little french if you ask me
- Then teaching Brennan that the good things are not any sweeter if your rich (notice he talked about parker and him and bones as the examples of the sweeter things)

Jessica said...

OMG loved the episode it was an very exciting case they were working on, 'and that's why I'm not a cat person'lmao ..kittycibble lol I think Bones is showing a little bit more emotions very subtle, the plumbing scene was sweet and romantic I like those scenes where you see a little spark and can I get Booth as my teacher :D I'm a very good student lol , the corpses were very grosse very well done

Leila said...

I love a) the look of bones when sweets says to be the student this time! :P

And b) the end!!! It was soooooooooooooooooooo cute!!

A litle romantic

and the end was very funny when it blows out! :P

BB Shipper said...

Booth is soooo good with regular people he got greg little girlfriend to sing!

Pedro is a mama's boy...nothing wrong with that

Brennan is super rational this episode!

Wendel is such a sweetheart:
'Its always been my dream to work with you...sometimes dreaming is the way to go' - PERFECT to melt her heart

BONES! That was a cruel way to tell him about the scholarship - COME ON!

Hodgins: I love when he rushes in sooo excited with his findings...he start to speak super fast in a way most people dont understand

Again, does anyone agree that DB has the sexiest arms (forarms)....maybe its just me

Booth on Bones not wanting to learn to fix her plumbing 'Thats because you dont want to , you would rather buy a plumber' ROTFL

Angela and her toys kick ass!! But what happened to her job function of doing facial reconstruction?

Again, they are really writing Wendel to pull on my heart strings
- TO Cam: Im gonna miss you

'No i dont take credit cards' - soooo literal Bones! lol!

BIG STEP for bones: she (the accomplished woman) is actually going to listen to Sweets and let booth teach her

kick the knowledge SWEETS -'Elephants are grey but not all grey things are elephants'

Booth: Thats good for me right? ..'yeah' .funny but loves the trust b/w him and bones

Anonymous said...

Booth - Love the Stanley cup tactic...he read people so well and knows exactly what the need in a moment (he got so agitated he reminds me of the Alien in the Spaceship scene when time was running out - but NOT :0)

hEY - Handcuffs kinds looks cool with those expensive bangle Lina

Wouldnt want to be the guy whose job it is to check out that briefcase

Love this dress in the end Cam (sooo much better than the first dress)


- i think someone said it before,,,,when he reached over her was so much sexier that even them holding hands

- 'my watch is ruined!" - "What do you mean! it a Rolex!" (i <3 these two!)

Good one Mr H and SN

Anonymous said...

Great episode. Reminds me of s2's all sexy eye contacts before Sully was in the game with a little difference. I mean in older episodes if he would touch Bones hand, he wouldn't pull back because he was unaware of his love.

Anyway, did I mention that I loved it? Cause I did. I didn't miss any of goofy Booth in s4. In this one, I loved it when he said to other agent, "don't you always wanted to shot one?". Great characters, great case, very mature and wise romance.

Shep said...

I loved that last scene, especially when he reached around her to turn the water on!

The B/B momemnts were good. I like that Booth was trying to show Brennan that there are more important things than money, but I also like that even at the end, she still couldn't resist talking about how her Rolex watch!

Conspiracy theory Hodgins = yay!!

I like Wendell, I'm glad he gets to stay, although I knew from early on that he was going end up with more funding for his scholarship r.e. Brennan or Hodgins. I loved how Booth used a hockey anaolgy to get him thinking. But oh, that slight reference to Zack did hurt a little - alas, that woundwill never heal!

The case: it was interesting but kind of hard to follow. And the score was quite loud and noticeable, making it seem to me like they were kind of trying to make fun of the whole spy thing, even if they weren't. I can't help but think that if this case wqas in earlier seasons, it would have been much grittier. [Maybe it's just me but it feels like S1-3 cases (and episodes, even) are sort of heavier(?), as in more weighted down and steady, ones that you can really get into]

Methinks Sephen Nathan loves his icky bodies a leeetle too much! The man they found in the boot (or 'trunk', for you USA-ians) it was his eyes that really grossed me out, especially in the scene where Cam took them out! Eeew! Kudos, as always, to the props and special effects teams!

cordy said...

Very cool beginning, liked the whole Bond-Theme. And the body was super gross, the cats were totally creepy. But then IMO the case didn't develop quite so good. I don't know why exactly. I think the pacing was wrong somehow. But the Wendell storyline and the very cute ending scene made this episode enjoyable enough for me. So overall it was a good episode. Of course it wasn't easy to keep up with last weeks episode.

Anonymous said...

I have to say excellent episode loved everything about it the cats at the start what can you say I am terrified of cats before this episode. the body in the trunk great soo disgusting.
Wendall is Zacks replacement got to be he is brilliant and there is more of a connection between him and the rest of the team than any of the others including Bones who is still hurting about Zack.
Bones distain for Sweets's psychology is still great but she takes his advice quite often and gains from it without doing so the last scene could have been very different.
loved Hodgins, Angela and Cam's reactions to the wendall problem. and on to the last scene. what can you say about that other than OH MY GOD Booth can teach me plumming any day but they were fixing the wrong joint under that sink.

Anonymous said...

When they first mentioned the loss of the scholarship, I thought Cam would be doing something like offering Wendell a permanent job there, or something like that. I thought he would actually replace Zack, and I am not sure I would like it.
He is my favorite intern, but I am not sure he would do well if he was a regular. The first time Brennan was really close to replacing Zack, Zack himself came back, but if Wendell was offered a job now, Zack would not be able to come back anyway, and besides we already know Wendell quite a bit and so it would not be so simple to get rid of him. If we could have both, Zack and Wendell, it would be fantastic :D


Sarah said...

Ok, I really loved this episode, but I did notice a few things that were a bit off-

But first the good: JAMES BOND! I LOVED all the Bond references, I'm a huge fan, and Wendell/Hodgins were so funny. And Wendell was not my favorite intern, but he most certainly is now, he was fantastic. Plus I'm pretty sure that comment about "enough money for three scholarships" is how they're going to bring in the new interns that Hart mentioned over the summer.
Hodgins had some great moments as well - "Plenty of people would want to see me dead"
Angela - "I'm not going to touch that".

The bad: When the hell did Angela get to be a computer pro? Facial reconstruction and image manipulation I understand, but decoding CIA level stenography in a picture?! That's a bit absurd. And the other thing I couldn't help but notice was, what did Brennan really do in the lab? It was mostly Wendell talking to Cam - even in the end, Wendell makes all the observations at the last minute that tell them who the murderer is.

But overall, a fantastic episode. Bond + Bones = AWESOME

Anonymous said...

I can't explain how much I am happy that sarcastic, edgy Booth is back. I am sure that Booth wouldn't be able to touch Bones carelessly anymore.

I used to look previous series regularly. But now I don't want to watch them because the new ones has new dimension in their relationship. It is more advance and mature.

Anonymous said...

Great episode, loved it from start to finish, even the stuff i knew would happen like Wendell staying. I am sure Jack, Bones and Angela made the funds possible ( Angela through her dad). He should be her intern and just hire Clark!

All in all hope the good work keeps going!


olivia said...

First of all, lucygg- awesome XF reference! I know there are many fellow philes here :)

Really good episode last night, with a sweet shipper ending to keep all of us sappy-saps happy!

Long story short, classic Bones never disappoints. It really is just a fantastic show that has something for everyone!

Mary Ellen said...

This episode was great! I loved the what they did for Wendell! I felt so bad for him when Brennan tells him! I really hope he's the one they keep!

Mary Ellen said...

Oh, and of course, I loved the ending!

Ralph said...

Ooh, just started watching - the scene with the young state federal (?) telling Booth that he's old - and the raising from the chair, and the staring - it's wonderful!

Ralph said...

Funny facts - Antonov is in fact a russian aeroplan manufacturer :)

Ralph said...

About donations: "Apparently, a donation was made anonymously" and later "actually, they recieved enough donations for three scholarships". Does his mean that there was but one huge donation or that there where several - all in all enough to cover three scholarships?

luscious said...

hi everyone Ralph I thought the age thing with the state department baby was good too, and we will never find out exactly who made what donation Hart Hanson will keep us guessing about this but I personally thought it was a combination of Hodgins and Brennan. Nice to see we have our very own Nigel Murray with us loved your posts. also thanks to everyone for keeping this spoiler free I am trying my best to stay spoiler free this season so far not going to well I am far too obsessed.

Jessica said...

I also think the donation was made by Bones and Hodgins because Bones has a satisfied smile on her face and Hodgins think it's all a coincidence and I like Wendell he fits in

Ralph said...

I still miss the punky, deathwishing guy ;)

kba said...

Hey, what was with Bones not having a security clearance?? I thought she DID have one...remember the episode where they are all getting background checks and her clearance level is higher than the woman checking them??!!

gabriel said...

Personally, I think there were more than one donations - it seems logical the way Cam mentioned it and how they all looked at each other. Why Cam can't be the third person besides Brennan and Hodgins? There was some talk about a board she was on that had scholarships (although for high school students but what if Cam did something she had in her power?). She walked away like she was one of the 3 who made that happen. Angela's smile was more happy than contended...

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't have an account here but I wanted to add something because I loved everyone's comments. My name's Emma, by the way.

The wealth problem, in my view, is not about wealth, it's about who Brennan is. Being rich, just like being a genius, is just another way in which she's not like other people, especially Booth, the very personification of normalcy. Her intelligence and her wealth isolate her, and it must feel lonely, no matter how much she deserves to be rich. Which is why I get massively annoyed with Booth for refusing to praise her. He never does. He doesn't tell her "A Rolex - that's fantastic, Bones, you deserve it and I'm happy for you!". Instead he chooses to sulk over perceived differences and to say that it feels a little "weird" (I so wish he stopped using words like "creepy" or "weird" when it comes to her).

I just felt sorry for Brennan. The whole world praises her and celebrates her achievements, except for the people she cares about, principally Booth. Basically, for her, praise comes from strangers, not from friends. And her insistence that she is a brilliant forensic anthropologist and best-selling author feels a little sad to me, as if she needs to tell herself what her friends (and Booth) wouldn't.

Being intelligent and wealthy is who Brennan is, what makes her unique. When she says "but I'll never fly coach" it's not a demonstration of superiority, it's a statement of fact. An uncomfortable fact, because she's not like other people and she never will be. And I admire her for trying to do her best anyway by helping both Wendell and Booth.

OK, I hope that made some sense. Thanks for indulging me.

Anonymous said...

well emma you have just told everything that was on my head right now!!

luscious said...

Hi emma, You have just put a whole new dimension to how I think about Bones I did find the constant going on about her wealth annoying a bit, but you are right this could be something that isolates her from the rest of the world thanks for the excuse to watch this episode again. still love the last scene.

Diesel said...

I didn't see anyone mention it, but did anyone else see a little something something between Cam and Wendell?!?

kba said...

re: interns...

if they end up getting more than one, don't you think Hodgins needs an intern?? could be hilarious! plus amusingly ironic if he is "rewarded" for his generosity as a donor.

Jessica said...

To Emma,

You've got me looking at Bones in a different way now it always kinda annoyed me her always pointing out how intelligent and wealthy she is but reading your explanation it makes me look at it a different way and I think, because Booth is so down to earth, that's why Booth is a little annoyed everytime she mentions it I think that he already knows by now and in his opinion she doesn't have to bring it up everytime they have a conversation maybe it makes him feel a bit unsure because he's an (in my opinion) old fashioned man. I like reading this post because everybody has another perspective and that makes me wanna watch this episode for the 10th time :)

Anonymous said...

Jessica, luscious and anonymous, thanks for your replies. And many thanks to Wendy too for hosting this brilliant website.

I'm glad you liked my comments. I should've said something about Booth too, but I tried to keep the post short. Jessica - I agree with you, yep, this is Booth's insecurity. And it's not about money either, or even about what Brennan calls his "virility" (you said he's old fashioned in some ways and I agree). I guess that, for Booth, it's about the feeling that he's not good enough for her, that she deserves someone as intelligent, rich and amazing as herself, i.e. definitely not him.

What also struck me during their conversation in the car is that Booth's problem is not so much with her having money per se. His problem is with how she spends it - or doesn't ("you're really loaded and you don't even have a flatscreen"). I like to think it's because he believes she deserves to treat herself once in a while. He adds "it's French", which, to me, is his way of saying "I don't understand you" rather than "I have a problem with you having money". So no, his problem has nothing to do with money either.

These two just kill me sometimes. They have such a high opinion of each other and hence they see themselves as not really worthy of the other's love beyond friendship. :)


Jessica said...

To Emma,

I totally agree and they drive me crazy too you can see the love between them but none of them really makes the first move it´s in all their actions toward each other and in the conversations but it makes good tv I like the romantic moments and eye gazes between them (sigh)

Anonymous said...

i adored this episode, it's like they're bringing together the best parts from all the other seasons into these episodes! the one point of nitpickiness i had is a very small one. when they pulled the 'feral' cats off the body, they just picked them up like house cats... feral cats would possibly have rabies and be dirty and gross, they would have had a lot more trouble dragging them off fresh meat. lol that's all i could find!

Anonymous said...


Your observation is quite interesting and I am 100% agree with you about B&B thoughts of not deserving each other. Please continue your comments on every episode. Maybe if you have time, even do some reviews to share your thoughts with us.


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