Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Episode Stills: The Plain in the Prodigy

Episode skills for Bones Season 5, episode 3: The Plain in the Prodigy.

As much as I like to have shiny photos posted here, I will stick to (probably for the season) making an album and linking to it, instead of posting pictures directly. Some spoiler warning, as always. Enjoy!


Wendy said...

I hate his shoes (you can see them most clearly in the 2nd to last picture). I don't know if it's an error to show them, or what, but they are not exactly FBI-like!

Anonymous said...

ya David does like to wear his vans. Probably because they're comfy and he has to be filming all day long. In season one he wore converse shoes in one episode. Glad to see the belt buckle is back.

em-jay said...

It's true--I've seen him wear those shoes in a few different episodes. It just doesn't fit the suit.

Yeah for the belt buckle being back!

Miss Mary said...

Makes me think of Harison Ford in Witness...also yummy

Shep said...

The Cocky belt buckle is backkk!! Yay!

Also, I really like Emily's white coat.

Anonymous said...

In-fiction, I believe the Vans are part of his "rebel"-ness. The same reason he wears the "cocky" belt buckle and the striped socks. Basically, following only the letter of the FBI rules/regulations rather than the spirit, and declaring his individuality, per everything Brennan said about him.

In the real world, David has had some problems with his knee, necessitating an operation during Angel which had both David and Angel laid up in the early-mid part of season 5. It's possible the Vans are part of making him more comfortable than he would be in dress shoes. You'll notice that Booth hasn't had a great deal of physical exertion (eg: chasing or wrestling someone down) for some time.

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