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Evolution of Booth and Brennan - all the moments

Alright, I failed Cupcakebean for a year now on doing this, so I will take Gabriel's suggestion (see comments on this post) and open it up to you guys.

Can you guys help chart the progression of Booth and Brennan? When were certain corners turned? What about 'firsts'? When was the last time X happened?

Let's see if we can lay out their path, thus far, in it's entirety! Please give episode Season and name or number when adding to the list so that it's easier to put everything in order. We want to get the entire path of their relationship, as much info as possible.


leeloo said...

I think one of the "top" moments has been Brennan hugging Booth in first season's last episode.

Anonymous said...

When Brennan touched booths arm in soldier on the grave for me this was the first real physical sign that she cared for him. and the top moment for me was the discussion about crappy sex in death in the saddle the looks between the two were just soo hot.

gabriel said...

BIG THANKS! I have watched The Titan on the Tracks and collected best lines, body language, best moment and a summary of what were the major happenings affecting their relationship. But it's a lot longer than a comment. If you want, I can email it to you. Or else, I can just post the best quote and best moment per episode. All in all, that's gonna be a lot. So happy you responded this quickly! :))

201 The Titan on the Tracks:
Best quote:
Booth: My mouth moves, words come out, but none seem to get across the drawbridge to the princess I know who awaits within.
Best moment:
In the final scene where Brennan is looking at the dolphin found near her mother’s grave left by her father and says: “It’s beautiful” to which Booth responds “Yeah” while actually looking at her.

Lisa said...

the scene at the end of the episode about PONY fetishes, where Booth tells her his idea of making love.......and she agrees.....that is the hottest part for me....also worth a mention is Booth's slow motion running in Aliens in A Spaceship- as he went to 'dig her out'- it says more than words ever could.

Anonymous said...

Season 1, Man in the Bear - Booth and Brennan dancing in the bar.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"That's a lot of heart, Bones" in the Verdict in the Story", season 3.

Kate said...

Let's see, Season 1--When Booth gets the hit on Bones called off in "The Woman in the Garden," pretty much all of "The Man in the Morgue," personally rescuing her at the end of "The Two Bodies in the Lab," all the talks and midnight feedings in "The Woman in Limbo." That's just off the top of my head.

Anonymous said...

This might seem weird, and I've never read anyone who holds this opinion, but it formed in my head as I've been re-watching season one lately.

I think Brennan was the first one to have some sort of feelings or attraction to Booth. She would have been open to a relationship (probably one like her past relationships, though) with him until she found out about Tessa.

It seems to me that every time she was considering her feelings for him, Booth did something (unintentionally, because he had NO idea she was attracted to him at all) that made her think he wasn't interested in her (sleeping with Rebecca and then Cam).

Then he drew the line to protect her, and she lost all hope, so she dated Sully, etc.

By that point, I think Booth knew he wanted her, but didn't think he could ever have her.

I still have NO idea who Gordon Gordon was talking about in Mayhem... I think it could go either way.

Anonymous said...

From on Anonymous to the other - i am sooo there with you. In season 1 episode 2 she clearly was a little put off (jealous is probably the better word) - in finding out Booth was in a relationship with Tessa. And everytime she seemed to be open to the idea of a relationship Booth in advertently mucks it up.. but
thanks guys for giving me something to do on my day off this week...I will rewatch the seasons and give a kick ass list (just wait and see!) lol!

Anonymous said...

From on Anonymous to the other - i am sooo there with you. In season 1 episode 2 she clearly was a little put off (jealous is probably the better word) - in finding out Booth was in a relationship with Tessa. And everytime she seemed to be open to the idea of a relationship Booth in advertently mucks it up.. but
thanks guys for giving me something to do on my day off this week...I will rewatch the seasons and give a kick ass list (just wait and see!) lol!

Nina said...

yeah, to reiterate and to specify, i think it was a really big moment at the end of... oh shoot im forgetting th episode but its the one with epps when parker is threatened, at the end when they are sitting next to the carousel and booth lays down the facts about how you cant date someone you work with and bones (and him) look really crestfallen.

Also when he flies down to see her in new orleans

the 'sexy librarian' moment

all of the woman in the sand but of course specifically the moment when she comes out of the bathroom in that dress

after sully leaves when booth fetches her from the docks

in therapy with sweets when they are talking about brennan's non-monogamy and booth gives her the mini lecture about one person for everyone


i mean there are about 10 thousand per episode but...

Denise said...

- Booth gives her Jasper, the mini pig
- Booth gives his handkerchief to Brennan after she shared symbolically scares with Sweet and he is so anxious to know if she is ok (to me it almost looked like he had tearful eyes)
- Booth ditching Cam to bear Brennan company and to help her with paperwork and ditching the donuts in favor of some thai food

Anonymous said...

The conversation about babies and the house Brennan should build at the end of Baby in the Bough (season 3)

BB Shipper said...

• Meet cute: Having Homeland security to ‘hold [her] for questioning’ was a fun way to have these two meet for the pilot episode – it had humor while working extremely well for exposition. Of course we also get our first of many ‘car rides’ ; in this one we can see the trend of really witty sexy interplay between the Bones and Booth where they challenge each other

• The chase: The scene where she insist that he stop the car and let her out , she jumps out of the truck and stomps off in anger, he chases her - the first of many moments where Booth chases his precious Bones and the first of many times where he is the first to compromise to please her

• Deconstructing Brennan: In the scene where they go to tell the parents about the death of their daughter, we see where Booth begins his work to make Brennan a better person, to teach her emotional intelligence and social skills, specifically in this scene how to be sensitive to the emotional needs of others ‘Their daughter was murdered, they deserve the kindness of a lie’ - Booth

o We see where his opinion does force her to face those things about herself she would like to change (her discussion with Angela about how she connects)

• Sexual Awareness: The gun range scene where he is in her face (really close…squeeeeelll!!) and she asks him to ‘Be a cop’ – they truly seemed aware of each other as sexual beings here and the chemistry is unbelievable!

• Deconstructing Booth: In the funeral scene he shares with Bones some of his past and why he is so committed to catch the same number of criminals as the number of people he killed as a sniper - more importantly – Bones agrees to help him with his penance (a pivotal moment)


BB Shipper said...

The Man in the SUV

• Professional Partnership + : Professionally we see where Booth seeks Brennan out as a professional but there is still not much a clear indication that he seeks her out as a friend as yet

o We see where she is more committed to supporting him during his investigations and throws her expertise behind his cases

• Territorial Brennan:
o ‘I work with Booth – that’s my deal” Here we see that she is shifting from just a purely professional partnership ; if she felt no special attachment she would not care who brought the information to Booth as long as it got there
o Also – she goes directly to his home to bring the information which suggest a great level of comfort beyond just a work relationship

• Sexual Awareness: Here is where we see that Brennan did see Booth as a potential partner (for now I think just sexual); we can tell from her reaction to the fact that Booth had a girlfriend
o She just WILL NOT let the Tessa situation go! Lol! She makes the ridiculous leap to draw upon Booth and Tessa’s relationship as she ‘posits a scenario’ – this is where things start to push the boundaries of just a work partnership
 “Why do you keep bring up Tessa, what is the big deal, is it so odd that I have someone in my life” Booth
 ‘Why don’t we talk about you and your boyfriend” Booth
o Notice she never actually denied it when Angela suggested that Booth might like her
o Also she is written as a pretty open about sexuality but seeing Booth without his shirt answering that door surely drew a special reaction (of course she is a living breathing female right;0)
o The long stares: they start here in this episode – this is where he pays the tab and tells her thanks and they share that sexy intense stare that we will come to expect from these two (oh! My B&B shipper heart <3)

• Preferring each other’s Company: In this episode in the ending scenes in the bar onward we pick up on two things
o He would rather stay with Brennan and have another drink (gosh I sure would be hard for me to NOT take stay ;0) than to go home to Tessa; and when he is there having dinner with her it’s clear where he would rather be
o She seems so lonely as she examines the Bones and although her slight smile suggest she gets a lot of satisfaction from her work, the awareness of Booth is there (it is never as clear to Brennan because of her personality)

gabriel said...

Season 2 Ep5 The Truth in the Lye

Booth: It might be all anthropology to you... but there are certain people that you just can't sleep with. I mean, you can pretend that it's just sex. You can lie to yourself, and you can say that it's all good.
But, um, there's just... There's too many strings and... and too much at stake, you know? Too much too lose.
Brennan: Yeah. I can see that.

This might not be the "best" moment, but definitely a crossroad. Booth is talking about his on and off sex with Rebecca, which he was now able to end - mainly thanks to Brennan, who touched on a sensitive issue in Booth's life when told his ex about his anxiety for not being a good father. She simply helped heal their relationship and come to terms with their feelings (that's from a brain person!). But when Booth says all this, Brennan realizes another: she can't have sex with Booth as it would ruin their fantastic friend- and partnership! So she assures Booth that in the future she won't gossip about (or mind?) his 'satisfying sexual urges' with any of his exes. This 'buddying' and the circumstances have Booth end up in bed with Cam (which is a total mistake I agree ;')).

gabriel said...

203 The Boy in the Shroud
Booth making clear who he is loyal to: "I’m with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second."
Brennan telling Kelly how she must have felt about Dylan (just after looking at Booth): he made her feel like she was not alone in the world, he took so much weight off her shoulders, was good to her brother - very telling on B&B...

204 The Blonde in the Game
Meet Jasper! After Brennan's first killing to save Booth's life, Booth is sweetly helping her to come to terms with this.

206 The Girl in Suite 2103
Doesn't Brennan get really annoyed when Booth lets the waitress in the bar flirt with him?

207 The Girl with the Curl
Booth and Brennan complimenting each other on their looks and Booth choosing to stay with Brennan instead of dating Cam. And 'Thai food' (and the looks they exchange) - very yummyyy!

208 The Woman in the Sand
Going undercover #1 (it's like from time to time they must play a couple if they can't be together in real life)!
Booth's looks when Brennan appears in the robe he picked out for her. Cam getting jealous overhearing Booth saying 'that's hot' to Brennan. Booth slapping Brennan's buttocks and vice versa. (They really enjoyed being Tony and Roxie!)

gabriel said...

212 The Man in the Cell

Just realized that the same thing happened in this epi as in The Truth in the Lye: Booth ended his next relationship for very similar reasons ("there's this line and we can't cross it") but when he explains it to Brennan, he (unconsciously?) tells her that it's not appropriate for the two of them to have one either. And now that I re-watched the episode, I realized that, yes, Brennan did take it personally. No wonder Sully was successful after this.

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