Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy 1st Bonesday of Season 5!

Did you ever think the summer would end? At least we had plenty to keep us occupied, with appearances, guest reviews and the ever-present spoilers - it seems like the time has flown by!

Tonight's Bones episode is "Harbingers in the Fountain" and you can find pictures, descriptions, clips, and even spoilers under the tag here on the blog.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern. You can read the full information here on how I plan to handle things this season but I will add one concession to the split air times and remove the "Live Thoughts" aspect so that people can start posting in it right away as a pure "Episode Discussion" thread. If you just can't wait, remember there is always the spoiler post!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Last year, to begin the season, I posted pictures of your 'viewing' areas and I would love to do that again this year if people want to send them to me. Mine hasn't changed at all, with the exception that I now have a laptop to take any notes I wish (yes, the blogger edit box is always that ridiculously tiny)!

And, well, the ottoman has been taken over by baby squint's supplies...

And I won't get to start the episode on-time... but other than that, no changes! :)

So what's your viewing area like? Have any props you must have nearby? Email me at obsessedwithbones[at]gmail[dot]com and I will post them!

Regina has a great viewing space. Huge TV= all the better to see with!


Dijea said...

For me Bones is a guilty pleasure. I curl up in my bed - DEMAND QUIET and watch all comfy in the dark.

But since I now have 60 episodes on the DVR. Well, my 6 year old is now obsessed, my 8 year old is saying things lumbar vertebrae. Its like having Zach (the 8 year old) and Vincent (the 6 year old) in there watching it with me.

HEHE! I can't wait for tonight.

Turtle said...

I agree with Dijea - it is contagious. My little grandaughter (3yrs)picks "Baby Bones" to watch at my house instead of Sponge Bob - ha. That is what she calls "The Baby in the Bough" episode. I thought it might be too much but I do shield her from the real graphic stuff but she loves it. So does her sister who is 8yrs. It is ridiculous how excited I am for tonight. I told my friends/family - do not disturb. I will be curled up in den (big tv)in blessed bliss. I don't want to miss a word/look/touch!!

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