Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kristen talks to Emily, David, and Michaela

I'm sorry I'm a bit late posting this one. I missed it! Kristen talked to David, Emily and Michaela about everything Season 5. It is all about spoilers (don't mouse over the link even) and teases except for this part at the end (which I like!):

Last but Not Least: Forgive us for one second while we get up on our soapbox about Bones, a wonderful and charming series that's just been treading the same romantic waters for much too long.

Dear Hart Hanson,

Do it. Just do it. We double-dog-dare you to put Bones and Booth together. We've heard the excuses about how a Bones and Booth hookup would kill the show, but the electricity between those two characters will not short out so easily. The series' best and most powerful moments are always when Booth and Bones come together, not when they force themselves apart. The power of their strained and distant partnership would be multiplied many times over if you harnessed the thrill of their rare touches and honest moments and channeled into a complicated full-time thing. Try it. You might like it. And we would love it.

Your fans


Stephanie said...

I completely agree with and absolutely love that letter. I really don't think Booth and Brennan as a couple would be the disaster that Hart and the people involved with the show seem to think it would be. Booth and Brennan will never stop bickering, so getting them together wouldn't change that, and honestly, I could see the sexual tension potentially being increased if the two got to spend the night together rolling around in bed and then had to go to work and be professional around each other all day. I'm going to be really disappointed if they don't get together until the last few episodes. I want to see their romance, at least for a while, before the show ends.

heya said...


Anonymous said...

I wish this went out as a petition instead of a letter..I would sign it a million times !!! Seriously..I just think one night together or a good 'real' and 'it was alla dream' kiss would be enough to tide us over (please HH!!) Can you imgaine how Booth would jump out of his skin in every scene with Bones if they actually slept together and then had to be professional and seemingly platonic. The humour and agnst would last a whole season or two....come on HH you can do it!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I meant it was NOT " all a dream" kiss ... Good lord! I would hate for HH to think anyone actually liked the final season for ep dream theme.... (Although I secrectly still watch it to pretend ED and DB our lovely B-and-B are actually finally together) oh my shipper heart must withstand so much!

Lynn said...

Daemons' TV published and early Bones season 5 premiere. Spoiler warning!

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