Thursday, September 3, 2009

MegaBuzz: BB in Season 5 thoughts/spoilers/speculation

This doesn't really answer anything, but it's a different take on the Booth/Brennan relationship in Bones Season 5, post Season 4 finale, than I've heard elsewhere (do NOT take this as some "BB are together" statement, to those who don't read spoilers).


lorapalmer said...

I'm not sure I unerstand correctly what the post suggests but this doesn't seem to be a positive thing. (Or I completely misunderstand it.)

I found a trailer on YT for a short movie, which starred Emily in 2005. It's nice to see her in a different role. She's great.

Shep said...

Definitely not a positive thing. Or he just used the wrong analogy.

jenny said...

Wendy, the results of the 206_Bones poll are out!

They're not surprising at all,hehe!Aliens did it again!Top 3 includes Two Bodies in the Lab and (Yay)Judas on a Pole!I'll let you see the rest for yourself lol!

Anonymous said...

I really hope that this isnt true... and based on all the other spoilers it doesn't seem to be true.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a silly, flip, off-hand remark, not a spoiler. db said very plainly in an interview recently that the surgery scare reinforced the importance of bones in booth's life and that it only increases his desire to be close to her. fear not.

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