Sunday, September 27, 2009

Programming Note

Review is half done, everything but BB and some quotes, and I hope to post it Monday!

I also have another guest episode review waiting that I hope to also put out Monday, maybe first thing tomorrow to buy me some time? :)

Anyone who would still like to email me their Season 2 review it would definitely be appreciated and I would love to publish it for every one to read. It's okay that the season has started - we love the old stuff too!


Justin said...

cant wait to see the review for BITB. ive been waiting since thursday, but it feels like weeks! your reviews are awesome :)

Wendy said...

Thank you, and I'm sorry I didn't get it up sooner. I am not going to bed tonight without it finished!

BB Shipper said...

Is the review up Wendy? Lemme check...I look forward to these...they help me during my re-watch phaze ;0)

** That is when I watch over the episode an inappropriate amount of times and catch something new each time...your review helps me to maximize the nuggets I may have missed

Wendy said...

It was up about 15 min before you commented. Did you read it? :)

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