Friday, September 18, 2009

Promo: The Bond in the Boot

The promo for Bones Season 5 Episode 2: The Bond in the Boot. It airs next Thursday.


Akasha_0703 said... shot a clown!!!! ROFL!!!!
..seems like a fun episode-to-be...

Leila said...

Love the 007 concept!! LOL

Lynn said...

Yeah, love the 007 theme too.

Lotti said...

Yay. I ammm excited! woot. I do hope they raise the same lurve issues as last ep though... no doubt itll be AGES before booth ACTUALLY tells her!

Plus i am wondering when the baby issue will come up again- are they both too nervous to go into that again after the book and the dream thing?

Anyway, i am just happy that ONE of them has admitted it! It makes mmeeeeee happyyyy.


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