Sunday, September 13, 2009

Season 5 Interview/Spoiler Clips

Thanks to ForensicMama and her BonesSpoilers blog for uploading all of these clips. Definite spoiler warnings.


Leila said...


I really like the first video!!!

Especialy when she sit on him and after then gave each other a hug and booth has an "oh shit" look. :P

Stephanie said...

I was laughing at everyone's different takes on how Emily sang "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Hart & Stephen loved it & thought she did great, and Emily thinks she butchered the song, LOL. I do think Emily's a better singer than she gives herself credit for, though I also had to laugh at Hart's "Well, it's kinda funny if you sing it badly," comment.

I agree with Leila. I love when Brennan sits on him and the hug that follows. And Michaela's hair looks great! I love how she can't talk about Angela's psychic without giggling.

Kate said...

Why is it not Thursday?!! I demand more Bonesy goodness!

Just leaving us with those teases is so cruel.

Anonymous said...

Emily lights up when she talks about David. I can see the way they speak about each other that they really like working together and are fortunate to work with one another...

I absolutely loved it when she sat on Booth. I jumpted too..Then I laughed my a** off. Luv Bones 4eva

Anonymous said... commenting on EDs excited does she get when she talks about David (opposite's attract right? lol)....My B&B shipper heart tries (very hard) to keep my projected hopes within the parameters of this series...oh but how I wish in some alternate universe i could be a E&D shipper. But alas this is the real world and we gotta respect the wifes and back to reality where these two are not meant for each other...

Anonymous said...

Now..commenting on DB's interview (does anyone else notice that he has the sexiest hands ever!!)

But on to real stuff...its helps for us obsessed Bones fans to understand that these actors have real lives...and you can tell here that DB appears really tired (not his usual..upbeat self) - this may be because he had the baby on the an interview ED mentioned that now that the baby is here is not as tightly wound.

How tough must to be to have to do these interviews when your wife is at home close to delivering a baby...thats the real world.

Anonymous said...

Now for Macheala...she is so well cast because she trasmit emotions so well that it makes her uniquely qualified to play she is talking about her connection to the music..she comes across as so sincere and genuine.

Anonymous said...

Alright now for the first clip - this is overload for us Obsessed fans!!!

1. Brennan rejects a hug from Cam
Accepts the hug from Hodgins
BUT! Initiates hugging Booth!!

2. She almost sits on
freaking hilarious (..listen
us shippers will take any
B&B contact we can!)
3. Booth still has the irresistable
smile (..I missed the clothes.)
hehe...and his body language
when Sweets mentions Bones
reminds me of why I loooove DB
as an actor...he does anxiety
so well !

One other thing... a message to HH if he reads this blog...please please dont make this ALL about the relationship ....we also love the science part of this whole thing...

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