Thursday, September 24, 2009

The TV Addict talks to Tamara Taylor

The TV Addict has a great interview with Tamara Taylor. Enjoy the first 4 points no matter what way you lean on spoilers. The last is slightly spoilerish, very slightly.

The path not taken:
For an actress who has fit in so well at the Jeffersonian, it may surprise fans to learn that Tamara Taylor was this close to not joining the cast of BONES. The reason, a little show you may have heard of called GREY’S ANATOMY. “It was actually down to me, fellow Canadian Sandra Oh, and one other woman [for the role of Cristina Yang] and of course we all know who got it,” recounted Taylor. “But I’m a huge believer of fate, destiny, call it what you will and when I see her [Sandra Oh] giving her Emmy speech, it’s like of course it was destined to be.” Destiny, which thankfully worked out in her favour months later when Taylor, after shooting the pilot of 3LBS (a short lived CBS medical drama starring Stanley Tucci) turned down the opportunity to move to New York when the show got picked up as a series, “My agent, friends, everybody thought I was crazy,” explained the actress. “But I said I didn’t want to go and then as soon as that happened I got the part on BONES.”


Shep said...

Link doesn't work for me, Wendy. Says page can't be found.

Wendy said...

Fixed, thanks! It did a weird combo link thing, not sure why

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