Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TVGuide Spoils: Grandpa Booth

TVGuide's William Keck has some great information about Booth's grandfather. Spoiler warning.


Dijea said...

I read, but will not spoil. I LOVE IT THOUGH!

Wendy said...

Me too! I saw him on NCIS and loved him. Should be fun.

I think you're new around here (or new-ish) and just wanted to let you know that if a post says spoilers, the comments are free to discuss it completely!

Eli said...

For a 80s years old grandpa he looks just fine.
Watched back 502 episode Booth/DB looks like James Brolin. He can be a drunken father for Booth.

Carrie said...

I would have LOVED James Garner but Ralph Waite is a great choice.

Kate said...

I too was surprised by how good a choice this feels like. I hope things pan out; I'm very intrigued by all the spoilers. Stephen Nathan was in a chatty mood, it seems.

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