Friday, October 9, 2009

20 TV Shows You're Breaking Up With

EW has compiled a list of "TV Shows You're Breaking Up With" and Bones is on the list.

It seems the comments are split on both sides. Question - If you have objected to recent story lines, do you think Season 5 is redeeming Bones?


Jeannie said...


Jill said...

Bones is da bomb. I would NEVER break up with it. Last night's episode was excellent. Loved seeing Parker more; loved the whole "not till I have hair under my arms" line; loved Seely expressing what most parents feel - embarrassed to talk about sex with their kids and Bones getting it right.

Thought the Muslim assistant story line was dead on.

Only thing I *didn't* like was them drinking in the workplace at the end.

jenny said...

This post comes just in time for me to say yes!I was one of the people who had issues,sometimes big ones,with certain things in Season4, especially the way Brennan and Booth were portrayed and "changing"/"evolving".After the finale last May,I was really sad and disappointed,afraid that I might have to stop watching the show.If things kept going on like that,I most probably would.And I thought that was how it was gong to play out:I would watch one or two episodes of Season 5,things would be the same and I would be too disappointed to go on.But I'm so glad that the 1% of myself that secretely hoped it won't turn out this way was right! :D So far,I'm loving S5,every episode for different reasons but all of them have found a place in my heart.The characters feel like themselves again(apart from minor,tiny things)and I love the balance between humour and seriousness,case and B&B,science and inter-character relationships and developpments,not necessarily within each episode,but as a whole-you know what I mean,each new epi seems to balance out the qualities that the previous might have lacked a bit,because,after all,43 mins is not enough time to cover fully all of the show's aspects,since the show has grown so much on all directions after all these seasons.Every time I watch an episode,this season,I feel the same way I felt before- a way that I have connected exclusively with Bones. :)
So,since I was so open when it came to expressing my disappointment last season,I feel I must be equally open now that "Bones is back" (as I phrase it in my head whenever I think of it :p).And I'm thankful for that.I'm certainly not breaking up with it.I just hope they keep it up this way! *crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

BB Shipper here: Wendy I saw this before you posted on OWB and posted my defense on the comments on EW. ;o) but I may not have been totally objective because I am sucj a fan of the writers and the show. Honestly season4 was not the best but it definitely did not make me want to jump ship. Season 5 is a lot stronger in my opinion. To clear though there was never a point where I thought I was so bored, annoyed or offended by a storyline.

Kate said...

Oh, man. I could write a novel on this! Short answer: if you stuck through season three, season four is no reason to jump ship. That doesn't mean season four was a treasure trove of goodness, though. I think the season three (at least the second half) was genuinely bad, whereas season four was either treading water or awkwardly experiencing growth spurts.

That wasn't very short, was it?

Anonymous said...

YES YES YES!!! season 5 is everything I'd hoped for, AND MORE!

I had MAJOR problems with a lot of season 4, and was actually on the fence about continuing to watch it. but boy am I glad I did! this season is great :)

(but let's be honest, I never could've broken up with bones... gosh I love this show!)

aardvark508 said...

Maybe its too early to tell. I still think seasons 1 and 2 were much better becuase the schtick was fresh and well done. It seems very difficult for a show to keep from getting formulaic over 5 or 6 seasons. Bones has a core fan base that responds to the formula of bring B&B almost together and then drive them apart (or at least create that feeling). The pretext of being a crime procedural has vanished in Season 5. The crime is now background to allow the charcters to use big words so we can be remined of how intelligent they are supposed to be since it is hard to discerne. The exception is Booth who increasingly morphs into a characture clown when he collides with his emotional and physical need for Brennan. If the ratings stay up, it will confirm that the writers have correctly read the emotional needs of the core audience. If some viewers get tired of the formula in the process, so be it. After all, ratings are what this is all about. It is, in the end, a business.

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