Monday, October 26, 2009

31 Classic Halloween Episodes

Zap2It has compiled a list of 31 classic Halloween Episodes and one of my favorite Bones episodes, "The Mummy in the Maze" is high on the list!


Jessica said...

Omg I loved that episode the costume of ED and DB as a squint very funny lmao :D

Rebecca said...

"I concur, vehemently!"

Lisa said...

Definitely a fav episode. You should check out the clip of ED & DB talking about the halloween episode. It's posted on Youtube. I'm not sure if we are allowed to post links so if you just put in bones halloween it comes up. It's cute.

Kate said...

It's a really fun episode. Their magic database drives my husband nuts, but they've got to be able to match things somehow. And the pediatrician/coroner at the beginning...too funny.

I think I'm going to watch it right now.

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