Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 Memorable Halloween Episodes

Premium Hollywood has ranked 31 memorable Halloween episodes. "The Mummy in the Maze" (one of my top Bones faves) comes in at #7.

7. Bones, “The Mummy in the Maze”: Booth and Brennan are called in to investigate after the mummified remains of a teenage girl are found in a Halloween-themed maze. Then the mummified remains of another teenage girl are found at a Halloween amusement park funhouse. Basically, when the team finds out a third teenage girl is missing, they realize that they’ve got an Oct. 31st deadline. But who am I kidding? The best bit about this episode is seeing Emily Deschanel filling out a Wonder Woman costume.
If you scroll down a bit further you can see John Francis Daley in a Freaks and Geeks mention as well, at #12.


Jeannie said...

Isn't that the same list Zap2it did?

NonStopPop said...

Nope. There's some inevitable crossover, but this one was all my doing. :-)

Jeannie said...

Oops, I apologize. Love the embedded clips!

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