Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baseball cushion for Bones?

If you look at upcoming TV listings, between the sites TVCountdown and The Futon Critic you can get a picture of a possible cushion Bones has built in, just in case baseball knocks out the November 5th Bones episode.

It seems they are planning on airing 2 episodes of Bones on Thursday November 19th. I think it will be up to the extent of the baseball interruption to determine whether that will be a rerun at 9 or a 2nd new episode. (If we miss Bones on 11-5 then we'll make it up by having 2 new episodes on 11-19.)

At least that won't push the season back or start rumors we're the show will lose one of it's ordered episodes! I personally hope baseball is decided quickly and we get a nice 1/week pace through Christmas.


Anonymous said...

wait does this mean that if theres baseball, bones will be pushed back two weeks (the 19th) instead of on the 12th?

Stephanie said...

No, there's definitely one airing on the 12th. I think Fox is planning on airing Bones on the 5th (ideally, that's what they'd like to do, anyway,) but baseball may not allow that, in which case the schedule may be a pre-emption on Nov. 5th, episode 6 on Nov. 12th, and episodes 7 and 8 on Nov. 19th to catch up.

I agree with Wendy. Let's hope for a quick and speedy World Series :)

Anonymous said...

That would be the best b-day present. :)

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