Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bones Season 4 Gag Reel

If you haven't already ordered your Bones Season 4 DVDs (um, yeah, me) you're really missing out. However, here's some internet 'sharing' *ahem* that might entice you. Seems some people already have the set, in advance of the Tuesday release.

Thanks Michelle, Jeannie, and BBShipper!


Jessica said...

I absolutely loved the gag reel, very, very funny, it seems like they have a lot of fun together and that smile of DB.... how gorgeous is he *sigh* I just love him !

Shep said...

That was hilarious!
I wish I was there! I could watch David goofing around on set for days on end. Actually, I could just watch David for days on end!

I love the ones from 'Double Death' when they're just cracking up!

Anonymous said...

(BB Shipper here) Yes, I concur, DB goofing off, DB being serious, DB just standing there makes everthing so much better *sigh* lol. But seriously,I loved TJT missing his lines (he is usually dead on in rattling those toungue twisters off)...and the actor playing Clark and Emily laughing at her nervousness at not wanting to hurt him with the rope....all of it hilarious!! Thanks for Wendy!

Eli said...

Wow the gag reel was very funny. And I always thought that TJ Thyne is kinda perfect because not many of his lines was shown in the previous gag reels.

I like that Double death scenes. Always laugh at when TJT ready to act again and was serious and DB tried to make everybody concentrates but he is the one who giggling/cracks.

Just wondering anybody know what episode is Michaela babbling ... (and and0 a few times, I thought I know all the episode she in but ooohhh I was wrong.

I do not like Clark as a character but he is really looks like a cool cat outside meaning that he is a good actor.

And the productions were very mean how can they never told the actress what gender she is.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed. I was hoping for sex bloopers.

Turtle said...

I thought it was hilarious... They all seem to get along so well and enjoy what they do. I think that it carries over into their success as a group and the characters they play. I love them all. Thanks Wendy - I haven't ordered mine either.

The Badger said...

I watched...thank you. In the UK and we don't get ours for another 3 whole weeks. Drat!!

Niikki said...

Omg.. that was hilarious!! hahaha!
The just keep cracking up!..
I'm watching it all over again!

cordy said...

I totally love this seasonsgag reel. absolutely hilarious.
Especially the Double Death episode seems to be one of the funniest at least for the cast. The reoccuring problem with the picture really cracked me up.
But I also like the scene with Tamara on the forensics platform with the body from Cinderella on the Cardboard and she start giggling at the sight.
Emilys brainkiller line was also funny :D

Anonymous said...

what does Cam say in the scene with Clark near the end, after you hear the loud bang?

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