Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bones Season 5 premiering in the UK this week

Season 5 of Bones premiers this Thursday, October 8th, in the UK. In advance of that, Sky1 has a video and short article with Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. It mostly involves speculation of what might build from Season 4 into Season 5. There really aren't any spoilers, especially beyond what has aired in the US so far.


Anonymous said...

Dont you just love Emily!!?? She is awesome! I love her laugh...its so out there.

Love David Boreanaz too but in WHOLE different way! lol!

Phillip said...

thanks for posting! Looking forward to this.

I'm watching at Canadian pace coz i'm far too impatient to wait a month lol.

I'm getting my folks to record it off Sky1HD an put it on DVD so i can rewatch it in HD until the DVD boxset comes out XD

Can't wait to see it on TV!!!

Phillip said...

woop woop 22.5hrs until the premier!!!!!

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