Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Comparing Bones to Moonlighting, part 2

Last March, thanks largely to Milky, we had a great post here discussing how Bones truly compares to Moonlighting and The Thin Man.

If the subject interests you, I have been sent various links that extend the discussion nicely. They range from a few weeks to a few years old but together paint an interesting picture of the TV landscape and make a nice argument in favor of TV couples.

Slate - TV couples that take forever to hook up (does not directly mention Bones)

A. V. Club - 22 TV series NOT ruined when two characters hooked up

NPR - What really happened to Moonlighting?

NY Post - Drama Mama blurb post from a couple of weeks ago highlighting the chemistry between BB


cathmarchr said...

LMAO when I clicked on "22 TV Series NOT Ruined When Characters Hooked Up" and the first thing I saw was a picture of Angel & Buffy!

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