Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dead Man's Party: Behind the Scenes

Fox on Demand has a video behind the scenes of the fun "Dead Man's Party" Bones promo.


poskisuudelma said...

Thanks for posting, looks great!

Anonymous said...

that was super cute :)

Lisa said...

They looked like they had a lot of fun doing this. And it was fun watching. Thanks for posting it.

BB Shipper said... i was reading this post right? And as I clicked backspace to go back to the main page....I took a second and stopped and thought....did I just see a Hotdog with an actual dog inside? or were my eyes playing tricks on me...

Hands down that had to be the funniest things I have seen all week, or probably all month...and its the end of the!

Your hotdog profile pic = WIN!

.m.a.n.o. said...

Looks like they all had super fun!
Can't wait to watch, specially the Sweets-Hodgins dance-off.
Oh, and I'm loving the fact JFD is so good at dancing. He's just havng so much fun there!

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