Saturday, October 17, 2009

Emily Deschanel talks to Ecorazzi

For Vegetarian Awareness Month, Ecorazzi spoke with Emily Deschanel about her convictions.


Anonymous said...

I love Emily.She's so beautiful. I look up to her and I'm starting to exclude meat from my diet.Hopefully, soon I'll be able to go vegan all the way. She was my inpiration...Lover her...

Fay said...

Sorry for the unrelated comment, but here are some pictures of DB with his family at the Cirque Du Soleil "Kooza" Opening Night Gala last night:

What a cute family! I love the fact that Jaden is better dressed than his dad :D

Anita said...

I am angry with Emily. “vegetarian restaurants in Spain have the meat!”
Emily! That’s not true! is a big lie! Where has you seen or heard that? If you say that, even without visiting the country … Very bad! If you’ve visited, You have been misled by the restaurant.
I could say hundreds of vegetarian restaurants and none have any meat!
I hope you understand me, my English is very bad.

BB Shipper said...

"16 years baby!" lol that sounds so Boothy ;0)

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