Thursday, October 8, 2009

Episode Discussion - The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 4
The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Please, please, PLEASE -


Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!


Anonymous said...

SO far so good!

I loved the FBI lunch room scene...especially the sexy, flirtatious look that Booth gives Brennan as he is reaching for something behind her. He corrects her saying "village, Bones".

Parker is adorable!
I can't believe he's already 8!

Anonymous said...

Arastoo is handsome.

The Badger said...

Still you have to say this Wendy. I watch it before I'm supposed to and yest wouldn't dare dream of spoiling it for others.


Justin said...

My two cents: Before I start off, Parker seems way too old, he was six in the Man in the Cell, season three, and now in season 5 he should be eight. Is it just me, or did he look/talk like a ten or eleven year old? One more thing to point out, why was Bren all upset about the one guy killing a pig? I thought she had a hunting liscense.
This episode was really confusing. Haha. Between all the cutting from the case, to the Parker thing, to the Aristu thing, I was just lost in the system. I thought it was going to be the big, beefy Owner's Association guy. It turned out to be the gay guy, the church lady, and the suburb hater. Go figure. All because of a windmill... Remind me not to go green before I move out of the suburbs.
Aristu, Aristu... really? I mean, seriously, you fake an accent to avoid terrorist jokes? Don't get me started.
Now to my favorite part of the episode: Parker, Booth, and Brennan. Seeing them together at the end just showed me how awesome they'd be together as a family. And then Brennan gave Booth a key to her apartment... sound familiar? I laughed when I saw that the face paint still hadn't come off.
I thought that Brennan and Sweets were really developing. I think Sweets decided to try and be the bigger person, and instead of constantly defending psycology, gave into some of Bren's demands. I still don't see how after three years of seeing that Dr. Geeks can actually do things well that she'd give some leeway, but no. ("She's an anthropologist. She talks like an anthropologist.") :-D

Debbie D said...

This was a good episode. Not a great one but good. Is it me but didnt DB looked incredibly handsome in this episode.
I love all the bones sites, but OWB is my favorite by far. I have noticed that comments on all sites have been been minimal up to now. After seeing the preview for next weeks episode I would wager that that all sites will light up like a christmas tree.

Miss Mary said...

Loved this epi...may be my favorite so far....How do I love thee let me count the ways

1.) Sexy Gardener
2.) Funny Bl-asain gay couple
3.) Sweets and Brennan duking it out over psych vs anthro
4.) I shot a pig!
5.) Booth needs a girl friend
6.) Arastoo's fake accent
7.) Peppery Vodka Moonshine
8.) 5 monthes is like 40 years in celebacy time
9.) Brennan requesting Booth laugh at her jokes too

and of course....PARKER!

Shannon said...

I have to say in addition to all the great stuff with our favorite characters (also, yay for Parker!), I have to say I loved the wife of the dead guy. She was so non-chalant, it was rather funny.

serendipity730 said...

Loved it! This was def. the best of the season so far! I loved the seen ith Booth, Bones, and Parker in the diner. I hope that seeing them as a pseudo-family was some foreshadowing! Can't wait til next Thurs!

Eli said...

Arastoo should has the same hair cutting as he was in the season 4 finale.
I like it when Sweets has less and less scenes. At least he only be in appropriate scenes.
How cute is when Cam slapped Hodgins' head like when he did it to Zack in S03E06.
And it is funny watching them (C, H, A,AV)drinking using bicars.

Anonymous said...

Huh, well, Ty Panitz (Parker) IS ten years old. I really, really don't understand why kids are always cast in younger roles. It almost never really works. I mean, the kid's great and cute and all, but he's never remotely looked or seemed his "show" age.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am the "one man out" on this one. I didn't think it was a bad episode. It didn't make me cringe or "say what?" But I was disappointed -- and I will admit, worried.

This one felt very light weight just for the laughs and heavy on the cuteness for cuteness sake to me. Like season 4?

No case really, no people to feel good or bad about regarding the case, no real forensics, no real point IMO of the accent story.

Every episode can't be everyone's favorite. Maybe it is just my turn to have one that doesn't work for me.


Stephanie said...

I'm beginning to think I must be one of the few Bones fans who actually liked season 4 because I keep seeing people comparing these first few of season 5 to last year's...mostly in terms of how much better it is. I can think of three season 4 episodes I really didn't care for, but that's it. I liked it overall. I guess I must be the minority.

I really liked this episode! The stuff with Parker was fantastic. I loved that Angela's facepaint really didn't come off, and I loved the scene at the diner at the end. The "village" scene with B&B was great, too. Oh, and I loved that it took Brennan *forever* to come up with a reason as to why she couldn't be Booth's girlfriend.

I wish they'd give Hodgins a little more to do. I love him, and he needs a good storyline. Oh, and Michaela is looking amazing this season!! I've wanted to steal her outfits for the past four weeks.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Stephanie. I really liked Season 4. I don't understand why so many others are giving it such bad reviews. I thought it had some great episodes. I especially liked the "B&B moment" endings (i.e. dine and dash, the "transcendent and eternal" and "it's worth it" love discussions, the metaphorical "sharing of scars," etc., etc.).

I think the "atta girl/atta boy" I love yous, fixing Booth's plumbing together, and dining out...and Bones giving Booth and "Baby Booth" the keys is taking what I enjoyed about Season 4 to the next level.

Angela said...


About the pig thing, Brennan had said in a previous episode (slips my mind which now) that had wanted a pet pig, Jasper, if you recall. One of my favorite scenes of Bones was Booth giving a mini Jasper to Bones. :)

Jeannie said...

I loved this episode! It was Bones at it's funny best and a nice change of pace from last week. There wasn't a single moment that took me out of the episode.

Loved the fact that Brennan had to agree with Sweets. It's about time she gave him some credit.

Loved the solution to the case. We've had some really interesting murderers this season - first a guy who can't be pinned away for murder but gets locked up for fraud, then the guy out of the left field last week and now the murderous threesome. And again, I wasn't able to call the murderer until they solved the case, so that's a winner in my book.

I'm so glad we get to see Arastoo without his accent now. I was having the hardest time trying to understand him in the previous episode he was in and loved it when he spoke without an accent in The End in the Beginning. And how awesome was that talk to Sweets? I'm glad Sweets got to show what a capable psychologist he is.

The show has really succeeded in making the interns interesting lately. I'm actually starting to care. ;-)Arastoo seemed downright charming at the end there.

As for Parker, I thought he was authentic for an 8-year old. I have an 8-year old son myself and that could have easily him, talking about "sexing up" but being only interested in a pool.

Yay for Hodgins out of the lab. More Hodgins, please!

As for BB, I'm so glad their interaction is neither awkward nor schmaltzy lately. Loved the "Would you be my village, Bones?", heh.

cordy said...

A very good episode - again - so far s5 really convinced me. Especially in comparison with the rugged start of s4 the first episodes of s5 seem to be very well balanced.

The case was quirky but solid. Only thing that was missing IMO is that the neighbors didn't suspect each other. I would assume there would be more gossiping in such a community.

So glad Arastoo finally dropped his accent. But the storyline was quite amusing. Sweets was really at his best here. So I can oversee that he was totally wrong in regards to Parker.

Parker - he is such a cutie - I love every episode with him. And this episodes BB ending scene was adoreable but luckily not over the top.

Jessica said...

Loved the episode and it was nice to see Parker again and trying to have his father sexed up just to get a pool out of it so funny.
Loved the scene in the diner they looked so cute together they were on a date without it really being a date ;) and then she gave them a key to be able to go swimming in her appartmentbuilding :)

luscious said...

I thought this was another strong episode so far this season though the case lacked sympathy for the victim even his wife did not seem to care. that could have just been that he was not liked. loved Hodgins Angela and Cam who all gave something in this episode. I also thought it was great that Brennan was the only one who had previously noticed Vaziri's accent and she is the non people person out of them all - or is she - Parker once again was excellent and moved the B&B
storyline along nicely with two of the best scenes for me in the FBI Kitchen where booth asked her to be his Village and she agrees and asks him to laugh at his jokes. and the end scene in the diner where she give him a key to her apartment building and she asks him to trust her with his son and he does lovely.

gabriel said...

I also loved the kitchen scene, the look on Brennan's face as Booth suddenly reaches behind her...
... as a side-thought, I personally don't like ED's wardrobe in this series, I would like to see her occasionally wear jeans and more casual stuff like in previous seasons...

Anonymous said...

Where is the girl talk this season? We used to get a good Brennan-Angela heart to heart in almost every episode -- have we had one of those yet?

Annie said...


Brennan loves pigs, so that's why. She said that if she could keep a pet, it'd be a pig.

Wendy said...

Badger - I'll be asking people not to spoil those who don't like spoilers until Bones goes off the air I think. People just either don't understand, don't care, don't read, or, most likely, get caught up in excitement and tie the current episode into spoilers they have read. Such is life!

I <3 Parker :)

Rebecca said...

Loved this whole episode! I agree that this is the first time I've found Visiri remotely interesting. My favorite part of the show was the Sweets/Brennan debate... so hilarious. Though they both were getting to the same point, I would have to agree with Brennan that anthropology is the correct discipline in this situation.

Anonymous said...

not best ever. but a fun episode all around. Arastoo grew on me this time. He;s no mr. nigel murray, but i think he could be a fun addition.

em-jay said...

This episode was way too all-over-the-place for me! I was getting so confused with all the overlapping people, I couldn't keep it straight. Maybe that will keep me out of the suburbs! =)

But the character development plotline was hilarious and phenomenal without being trite. I loved that! I hate it when they develop something just to forget it, and it would have been tragic to have Booth admit his love for Brennan in episode one and then not have to work through it in following episodes. It doesn't always have to be huge steps (that just isn't reality), but it is nice to see the little bits of progress.

Shep said...

I couldn't really follow the case this time. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'll get it on the second viewing. After what we had last week, I was dissapointed that there wasn't any sympathy for the victim, I didn't mind the lighter tone, but I always like to see a bit of seriousness.

Anyway, I really like Arastoo in this one. He's always been fairly sweet but with his normal accent he is quite charming. I thought there was a nice rapport between him and the rest of the team when they were having a drink the similar to that which we've only seen from Wendell so far.

I agree with you Gabriel about Emily's wardrobe. I personally don't like the dress/blazer combo.

Loved the Sweets/Brennan debates and the B/B 'village' conversation.

My favourite scenes have to be the Parker ones. I just love that kid! The diner scene was great and I loved that he only wanted Booth to get a girlfriend for the pool, which is basically what happens anyway - Brennan is Booth's girlfriend, they both just don't know it yet.

Justin said...

@Angela and Annie: I completely forgot about Jasper! I guess that's one less reason for me to not like this episode. :)

em-jay said...

I miss Brennan's distinctive necklaces. =(

Fay said...

Did anyone notice what containers they were using for the "vodka with a hint of pepper"? As a lab rat myself, this is totally like a fantasy coming true ;) (Of course in real life there are safety personnel to make sure you DON'T do that)

Doesn't that remind you of the Christmas episode in Season 1?

gabriel said...

Shep - I love your insight: Brennan is Booth's girlfriend, they just don't know yet... ;-)) It's just damn good that the writers always assure us about it in tiny little things like a key to the pool...

Anonymous said...

BB Shipper here: ok I did my obligatory 2nd viewing of this episode and I liked it (it made the i-touch;o) which is my quality yardstick. I liked the banter between Sweets and Brennan and just love how this trio has made a psuedo family (with Booth being the big brother I love Booth in any story line where he has to discuss sex (with Parker no less) because for sure he looses it a bit and gets so antsy and uncomfortable and that is always just so funny. Of course Angela and Parker, Parker and Brennan, Parker and Booth...ok you get the picture..I adore baby booth! (He is getting a little older now but hey... Suspension of disbelief in full effect here so we can hold on to the kids as long as possible). .... AND you know me ...its all about the Booth and Bones ship...I love love love the little flirtation b/w the two at the fbi building .. Bones is sooo adorable when she tries to flirt "yes I will be your hamlet of 800 people or less" and Booth ..what exactly were you reaching for behind Bones?... Ya know what? I don't care... The look

Anonymous said...

BB Shipper cont....whoo needs and explaination for that look right? I thought the fact that they showed Booth, Brennan and Parker in that final scene was telling..usually that table at eh diner and those final scenes were exclusive to the bones/booth intimate they showed Parker as a part of that and it was great..and of course the we see just how much she is evolving - she does an awesome job of talking to Parker about the girlfriedn issue ( waaaay better than Booth, she admits she is awesome (which she is jo) AND she gave them both a key to her pool (yes... I will be corny enough to say its a key to her ... Actually no that's too corny... I can't say it) BUT overall I liked the ep. The case was a little all over the place but believe me suburbia can be that scary.

Lauren said...

"In the time that I've been with you..." :) *sigh*

gabriel said...

Just noticed this on 2nd viewing: when they interrogate the gardener boy, Booth asks him sth like 'and you wouldn't mind being used as a stud horse' and the gardener asks back: 'would you?' - does anyone think that this might be a reference that Booth was almost used as a 'stud horse' by Brennan? I always find tiny bits like this intentional but maybe I am overrating it... It reminds me of the episode where the schoolgirls used the same boy to get pregnant and Booth gave him a lecture that he should care about the babies and a couple epis later he himself tells Brennan that he cannot not care about their baby if Brennan has one.

Anonymous said...


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