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Episode Discussion - The Plain in the Prodigy

Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 3
The Plain in the Prodigy

Please, please, PLEASE -


Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of the episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!


Randy said...

How Fakey. The young "amish" woman with the jealous brother on tonights episode had holes in her ears for pierced earrings. I thought the amish were agin all that foolishness?

Justin said...

it was really just an episode designed to show some tiny charachter development. It was one of those ones that just bring in some person you've never heard of or havent seen since the beginging at the very end, to resolve a mystery when there wasnt enough time left after all the sex talks.
The positive: brennan had some really funny quotes.
"This is not in the proper spirit of brumsprhinga!"
or "It's pretty ornate for a vow of poverty."

we got to see michelle again after about twent episodes. frankly, i thought that was toally pointless. the whole religious battle between B and B showed up a tiny bit. then we had all the awkward "talks," which pretty much dominated the whole episode.

all in all, its going to be one of those episodes we forget eventaully, until we see it again on TNT and go, "oh, yeah..."

Amanda said...

I mentioned this in a comment I left on last week's episode. I grew up in Amish country. Many of our neighbors, including those directly to the south, were Amish.

Before I get too far into my comments, I would like to say I did like the episode. It was better than most of what we had last season.

Anyway, I know it can vary somewhat by Community, but the buggies really should have had blinkers on them. They're not turn signals, they're hazard lights so buggies and cars have fewer accidents.

I was really sad that the Amish family didn't have the proper accent. I was also a little sad that they weren't speaking Amish to each other (as we have seen with other languages in past episodes). It's mostly German with a few differences, so I think they could have found actors who could speak Amish, at least the few lines they had to speak.

I was confused that the Yoders only had the one son. I'm so used to 10-15 kids per family.

One little nitpick: Levi's bones should have shown evidence of eating some "outside" food. I'm not sure how things are in Lancaster, but in Indiana/Ohio the Amish eat PLENTY of "English" food--the McDonald's and Pizza Hut in my town had hitching posts outside of them.

OTOH, I'm not even touching what I think of Rumspringa--especially because of the 85% remaining Amish stat. My friends have all heard me gripe about that and this is really not the place to go into it. :P

Anonymous said...

This one was pretty forgettable overall. Not bad - I have no major complaints, I guess - just kind of "eh." No aspect was really cool or new.

Miss Mary said...

I grew up not to far from Pennsylvania Dutch/Amish Country and there were some serious inconsistancies in their portayal, but as much as I adore the show there are some weird things that seem to fall through the cracks. But really....the point is not to educate us about the unique behavior of a specific cultural set. Instead it gives us wonderful moments...
where Sweets can shine as a puzzle solver...

where Angela gets to put the moves on Clark just to watch him squirm

where Brennan can wonder why someone would give up such a gift for a woman (I am SURE Booth would!!!!)

where Booth gets to connect as a father

where Cam tries to find her way as a mother, and a friend

where Hodgins......where Hodgins....where Hodgins....well Hodgins doesn't do much....

Not the most memorable, not the most insightful, not the goriest, nor the funniest...

But a delightful way to spend Thursday.....

Anonymous said...

I really liked it. It was nice. The music was beautiful. Good balance of case and character. It was sad... and hilarious at moments. Cam is great.

Subtle B/B moments... when Brennan went to her office and Booth went to get the car (so couple-y)... how he looked at her when she touched Sarah's hand... the 'first time' talk in the car... "Boothy"... *sigh* loved it.

I think maybe I see what Hart Hanson meant by this season being more 'episodic', allowing them to put an extra storyline into each episode... case + Cam/Michelle + Clark + usual B/B... more than usual? I duno.

BB Shipper said...

Ok so of course ya'll (yes Im from the south so ..yes 'ya'll ;0) I focus quite obsessively around the B&B relationship.....sooooo

I though this episode more than any other showed B&B as a almost 'settled in couple'/ why?

1. She will get the stuff, he will get the car
2. He introduces her to Perry in a way a man would introduce his wife..almost like 'Meet my other half'
.....and so many other smalle observations.

And I will take that kind of progress (we cant get the kitchen sink every episode people)!

Loved it!

Kili Climbers said...

It was a sweet episode. So far, the goofy-Booth and all that has been very subdued this season. I wonder if it is going to stay that way.

Also, Hanson tweated about not liking when people claim to speak for God this past summer. I recognized that line from the Amish brother.

Anonymous said...

I liked it. It was still in sync. with s2 and yet fresh. Does anybody noticed that Booth looked a little concerned when Bones said the line on giving up for a girl? It was just as if he though about giving up his career for her. Which means that a few weeks has passed and he is still in love with her. And he has though about dating her.

Plus, I loved Booth's talk with Perry. It was very Boothy. I hope all his goofiness in s4 was because of his brain tumor!


sai said...

I quite loved it... it was a very nicely done episode... subtle.. the music was so eyes rarely well up during bones episodes (blasphemy!) .. main because they always try to bring out the innate ridiculous-ness of it all.. but this time it was different...
And I agree.. I don't need B&B moments beaten on my head with an anvil with each episode... I perfer to find the moments and the meaning myself...
here's hoping they continue the good job with season 5

Jeannie said...

Not a stellar but a very solid episode. It had a strong season 1 vibe for me, especially at the end. I'm with most of you guys, I'm just glad we seem to get more of the 'real' Booth this season instead of that goofball. I watched "Passenger in the Oven" immediately before watching "Plain in the Prodigy" and the difference in the character of Booth was huge!

A few thoughts:

Clark was completely wasted in this episode in my opinion. He might as well not have been there. Is this supposed to mean that the writer's are out of ideas for him? I love his character but if there's no real evolution it might get old quickly that he's only complaining about getting caught up in the personal stuff in the workplace all the time.

I was thrown off a bit by the new actress playing Michelle. She seemed quite a bit older than the other one, no? Also, I didn't really get why we had this plot. Usually the personal plots are somehow connected to the case in their theme. Or maybe the big picture was simply about two teenagers, Levi and Michelle, having to make important decisions?

The show really wanted to make sure that we connected with the victim this week, just like last week. I wonder what brought this change of storytelling about. Was it the complaint of the fans that the victims weren't treated with respect anymore in season 4? Whatever it was, it worked. I love the new focus, and it doesn't mean that we can't have a goofy episode every once in a while, right?

Brennan got to shine last night. She handled all of her interpersonal exchanges very well. She was very polite to the Amish family, emphasizing with the girlfriend, not being blunt with Perry when she saw him (I was afraid she was going to say something offending here). Way to go! She even let the religious debate happen at a non-offending level which I liked a lot since that insistence of hers that she knows everything is getting old. (Kinda like the "Everything Sweets says is a guess" from last episode. Please show, drop that as well!)

I did not call the murderer ahead of time because, ahem, he was a total stranger. I'm usually not very fond of that kind of thing but it made sense in this episode. Although I had already suspected everybody we met, in that order. ;-)

Can someone explain to me how Levi's body got on the tracks after Levi fell from the balcony? Did the thief drag him there? I must have missed that part.

I liked that there was only minimal BB shippery stuff. We had plenty of those scenes for the past few weeks and it was wise to tone that a bit down this week or else it would have been overkill. Just my opinion, though. ;-)

About the "first time talk" in the car: I usually hate this sex talks between Brennan and Booth but I actually liked this one. First, it felt organic, not forced. Second, it puts Brennan's relationship with men into a new perspective. We often see her portrayed as being a bit careless with men so I really liked the idea of her being a "late starter". Plus the fact that they both talked about it with a twinkle in their eyes.

Jeannie said...

Forgot something. :-)

I really liked Brennan's clothes in this episode. She looks so much better if she's not wearing ill-fitting jackets. Sometimes they seem way too tight for her and the greyish blazer she wore over her dress in 5x01 was awful, too.

Eli said...

@Miss Mary

Hodgins is ... giving unnecessary info about morning sex

Jeannie said...

I want a Hodgins-centric episode!

Jeannie said...

Could you guys please refrain from posting spoilers here? Pretty PLEASE!! It's definitely more than I wanted to know, and yes, it IS a spoiler!

Just realized that Brennan's first time must have been with Michael Stires then.

And I looked up the actress who played Michelle. She looked way too old to be 16 in my opinion, and here is why: she's actually 26. That's some horrible casting.

Amanda said...

"Just realized that Brennan's first time must have been with Michael Stires then. "

I think you're right. That kind of fits with her reaction to Booth's comment "Was it for a class?"

And thank you to the person who posted the spoilers in a discussion thread. It's really nice that you ignored the very first part of this post and posted information that is really not helpful for people avoiding spoilers.

Wendy said...

Deleted the spoiler comment and the frustrated response that repeated it.


It is VERY clear on EVERY episode discussion post.

As someone emailed me privately to point out, that may be part of why less and less people are commenting on episode discussions this season.

There are tons of spoiler posts here on the blog where you can discuss anything about everything but PLEASE leave episode discussions completely free of them.

Anonymous said...

I would never put up spoilers when requested not to, never have and never will...but I really don't see the point in discussing an ep that you haven't seen if you don't want spoilers.

If you want to be surprised, why are you reading discussion threads about it? I'm really boggled. And this is coming from someone who HATES spoilers for eps I haven't seen, for any show.

Wendy said...

What I'm talking about is people putting up spoilers for future episodes.

As in, reading the sides and saying in this episode discussion what is going to happen in 2 weeks, etc.

jenny said...

I think I agree with the people above that said this episode had a season1/season2 air about it;I saw that too and I liked it.I also loved that the victims are treated with more respect and that Booth isn't goofy any more.I'm glad there are other fans seeing things that way and that these things have changed-it indicates,perhaps,that the people of the show are listening when we talk? :)
I also loved the music and,being a big piano lover(it always manages to make me feel more peaceful,every time I hear its sound)I was really close to feeling moved,which very rarely happens to me with tv,even Bones.
I agree it was not an episode that is going to be remembered for a certain big moment or for bringing in some huge development,but it had all the subtle qualities that I loved in Bones from the beginning.I hope they keep it up this way.
As for Michelle's storyline,I think it connected to the case in that it had to do with parents-teen relationships and how trust is an important part of that-especially that line that the boy's mum said "so he run away because he couldn't trust us?" seemed very important to me,in terms of that.
And yes,Brennan was so good in this episode-and so HER,if I might say so.Especially in the interrogation scene of the Amish girl(remember Secret in the Soil?).I'm so glad we're getting the good old Brennan back,so far.
Last but not least,I have to admit I always wondered when Brennan's first time could have been.Don't get me wrong,I don't mean in an all-too-curious,gossipy kind of way,but since she has admitted she was very closed up to herself as a teen,focused on studying and stuff(I think the epi she and Booth talked more about it was Boy in the Time Capsule)I always wondered how and when she got to open up more as a sexual human being,then became so clinical about sex as she is now..There had to be some sort of..transition(?).And her reply to that question was exactly what I expected to hear from her. :)
And you must be right,Stires must have been the guy.I find that really in-character,as well,I always thought she seemed to have an extremely soft spot for him(before he behaved like an as****e in court,of course!)

Abby said...

Even though it wasnt an extremely shippy episode, I thought it was a beautiful one. I wonder who played the musician.

Carrie said...

You can look up actors in episodes on

And did anybody find the last shot of B&B interesting? I say "interesting" because I can't make up my mind if it means anything that they stood so far apart on the front porch after leaving the house...?

Shep said...

I really liked the Season 1/2 vibe of this episode. Yay! for sympathy for the victims and no dead people jokes. The music was beautiful too. I also liked that the murderer was just some randomer, it makes a good change every once in a while and it's sometimes more realistic - not all murders have a long backstory.

Booth was very Boothy and less goofy - finally! I loved his scene with Perry - very Booth-like for him to do that.

I don't really mind the lack of B/B moments since we've got so many more episodes to go - we don't need big character development in each one. We did have some nice subtle moments which I prefer and I'm glad they didn't go overboard on the sex and religion discussions.

I would have liked to see a bit more humour, though and a bit more involvement from the squints, but I suppose they might not have been able to squish everything into the episode. I also want to see more Hodgins in the future!

It seems that the writers have got themselves sorted at last (and possibly paid heed to our complaints). Hope they keep it up!

Anonymous said...

@ jenny -

I always wondered when Brennan's first time was, too... I figured she had to have been in college, since she says herself that she "wasn't cool or pretty" in high school. I definitely think it was Stires that she was talking about. She genuinely really trusted him and liked him before he stabbed her in the back.

@ Carrie -

I don't think it was significant that Brennan and Booth were standing so far apart at the end. I think they were just being reflective about the sadness of the situation. It really was a depressing case, especially the way it ended, so for them to lean on the porch frame not saying anything, I thought it was a perfect way to reflect on the gravity of the case.

Jeannie said...

@Carrie: I took that scene as a simple "This is not about us."

Valleria said...

I love this episode,there wasn't a real BB scene, but I love this show so much and care just about everything, that I don't mind and think it was very beautiful, yeah sad but there were some funny parts, too :) It's Booth-y :D

Anonymous said...

The episode was alright I guess but definitely not memorable. I liked the fact that they created a case during which we got to care about the victim and its family; I rarely get that from a Bones episode. Most of the times I just worry about B&B :p

Just wanted to point out that I thought Brennan was talking about Stires too but then... remember when Stires went with Brennan to the lab after their night together and Hodgins and Zack confronted him? He said: "She was 23, an adult!"... That's why I believe that it was not Stires after all...

Anonymous said...

I loved the car scene...esp when Booth went "part of me was"...

Brittany said...

First of all, I did like this episode, but I agree that it was overall forgettable. Nice S1 vibe, and a refreshing break from the heavy shippy episodes we've had lately. Don't get me wrong -- I love shipping more than anything else in this show, but I feel like if we get it every episode it will take the significance out of it.

One little nitpicky thing that I'm pretty sure has been mentioned before: Most of my family lives in or around Lancaster (hardcore Amish country in Pennsylvania) and I myself live about 45 minutes away from it. While it was a respectful portrayal of the Amish, some things were not accurate. No accents, too detached from society, etc.

Now that that's out of the way, I LOVED Clark in this episode. "Walking around train tracks in a jumpsuit? Not a good look on a brother" had me dying. Admittedly Vinny and Wendell are my favorite interns but I wouldn't be disappointed with Clark either :)

The Michelle storyline was purely for Cam, and I'm very happy about it. We so rarely get to see any character development for her and it was nice to see her in full-blown Mom mode. Plus, while I didn't like that Hodgins, Sweets, and Angela got put on the backburner, it made sense in the context of the episode. Sweets' Titanic line was priceless XD did anyone notice the subtle Titanic theme playing in the background when he said that, btw?

Alright, last thing, I promise! I thought it was interesting that Booth has always been the one to say that sex is not something to be taken lightly, yet he was much more cavalier than Brennan about it in the "first time" discussion. It just seemed like he didn't take it seriously at all, and Brennan had to explain to him why it was such a big deal. I'm not complaining; it was an awesome role reversal that we don't see too much but I was just a little confused.

Overall, good episode but not one I'll rewatch obsessively on hulu until next thursday.

Jen said...

I really liked the very end. Though I always love the final BB moments in the epis, it was nice to have a change. Also I am so glad that the murderer was not someone who knew the victim. I thought it was beautiful that all these people were really touched by this Amish prodigy who fell between two worlds.
It's also very insightful that Brennan who is so concerned about her career success was unable to understand how the boy could return to his family and lifestyle and loved ones when it meant (literally) crushing his dreams of being a musician. It reminded me of the girl in the mask when she's questioning "Is is worth it?"

Dreaming said...

Anyone knows what's the piano song that the Levi plays?

Jeannie said...

@Dreaming: check out the song post for this episode, I think it got named there.

@Brittany: I think the lightness in Booth's tone comes from the fact that he realizes now that he was not feeling undying love at that point (at least some parts didn't). I'm quite sure he did take it seriously back then. As for Brennan, I think he was more taken aback by her rationalism about the first time when she said she had been looking for someone who could provide a skillful introduction. There was nothing romantic about it at all.

Kate said...

Bit late to the game, but meh. Nothing special, but nothing really bad. Mainly, I thought "I want Brennan's top." (The one in the beginning--black and white with the green accents. I really do want that top!)

The thought of Brennan's first time being with her professor is super creepy, though. Late-bloomer good, professor-student bad.

luscious said...

I have just watched the episode again and feel that it is stronger the second viewing but not one i will love. loved the way they showed that regardless of what society we are raised in we all face decisions in our younger years. I always like looking at new cultures even if they are only representations and bones manage this quite often, but they did a Taggart on me I say this as I am Scottish and our crime drama is Taggart which quite often just bring in some random dude as the murderer this was good though as no matter the lead they followed in this episode it went nowhere so the random murderer was the best scenario and the end scene made out that they just felt what a waste of a talent and a young life and as others have pointed out not about B&B. sorry for rambling

Jessica said...

I thought it was a nice episode but not one I will re-watch 10 times, I was suprised that Brennan´s first time was when she was 22 ,in the things she said about sex in the others seasons it looked to me that she was sexually active at a younger age but it suits her, because she is so rational it makes sense I guess

Lauren said...

I liked this episode. Nice mix of character & case. LOVED the music. But yeah, I haven't watched it over and over like I did with the first two (only 3 times... ha).

Just a thought... is Booth not touching her as much as he did before the coma?
I mean there was when she got stabbed and when they were plumbing... but apart from that...
Maybe they just haven't been in a situation where he normally would yet this season... e.g. hurrying her to go somewhere... hhmmm... just thinking out loud here.

Anonymous said...

This post is merely to comment on how well Bones portrayed the Amish of Lancaster Co., PA. If you are not interested, then move on...

I have lived in Lancaster for nearly forty years and have Amish and Mennonite ancestors. I am by no means an expert, of course, but feel qualified enough to make a few comments.

The buggies used here by the Amish have a gray roof and sides while the back and undercarriage are black. The Mennonite buggies are all black, as was the buggy shown in the ep. Also, the sides should not have been sloped inward.

The Amish don't wear jewelry--I noticed Mr. Yoder was wearing a wedding band.

Yoder is a common Amish name here; Beachy is not.

The Amish do eat "outside" food--I have encountered Amish famiilies at Pizza Hut, convenience stores, and the local burger/ice cream joint.

The Amish tend to speak English with a heavy accent--they speak Pennsylvania Dutch, a dialect of German, amongst themselves.

They did a pretty good job with the clothes--the bonnets looked authentic and the color and style of the clothes were pretty accurate.

Rumspringa was translated correctly and described sufficiently enough, I thought. Anyone who'd like to know more about the Amish should look for books by Donald Kraybill.

Well, If you're still reading at this point, thanks for putting up with my blathering!

--B. Booth

Anonymous said...

Erm... did anyone notice the teenage parallels with B/B? It seemed pretty clear to me that Levi is a sort of a stand-in for Brennan (exceptionally gifted child cast out into the world [albeit with a community to go back to, unlike Brennan]) and Michelle for Booth (well-adjusted, sociable 16-year-old despite the trauma she's been through, with her first love being all "googoo" about her).

This is why this is going on my list of favourite Bones episodes.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Oh, and

I think this was the whole purpose of the teenage contrast (Michelle/Levi) - see my comment above.

@Jeannie and @Carrie: I agree with you, the last shot is meant to emphasise the distance between B/B (but then grief generally pulls people apart, at least in my experience)

@Lauren: thanks for the observation, I hadn't even noticed that he's not touching her as much!

@Wendy Thanks for the discussion thread!

(note to self: get an account, girl!)

Jeannie said...

Emma, that's an interesting theory about Levi/Michelle and Brennan/Booth.

I know that a lot of fans saw a scene between Brennan and Booth (the one where she's questioning how Levi could give up his gift for a girl and his faith)as her 'testing the water' of sorts. Personally, I felt that she was just genuinely puzzled by the boy's decision but the fact that she didn't tell his parents how stupid she thought that was (or something to that effect) tells me that she's adopting a more tolerant view of the world these days. She might not understand his decisions but she's accepting it. And this huge for her, I think.

Anonymous said...

I loved the little bits of humor Sweets playing the Titanic theme to Hodgins, and Brennan walking in on Cam reading the sex book; calling the illustrated penis "cute" hahahaha! :)

Garrett said...

Did anyone notice the light switch to Booth's right side in the last scene?

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