Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eric Millegan: Living and Acting with Bipolar Disorder (part 1)

Jamie Frevele has written part 1 of a great 2 part series about Eric Millegan and his life with bi-polar disorder. Through interviews with both Eric Millegan and Hart Hanson she tells his story and gives you a heart-wrenching glimpse into what Eric's journey has been like.


poskisuudelma said...

That was really interesting, thank you so much for posting! :> It's great that Millegan can talk about it.

olivia said...

Good for him in speaking about this. Bipolar disorder is so common and there is such a taboo surrounding mental illness of any kind. Also, the more stuff you read, the more awesome you realize Emily is!

Jeannie said...

It seems like a horrible condition to have to live with. All the best for Eric!

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