Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eric Millegan: Living and Acting with Bipolar Disorder (part 2)

Jamie Frevele has posted part 2 of her wonderful look into what Eric Millegan has been through as he learns to live with bi-polar disorder.

Part 1 here


Jeannie said...

I'm very very impressed with the great support HH seems to have given Eric. Not everyone would have done that. Hart seems to be a great person.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like HH is a great guy to eric. but you do wonder whether this played a role in what happened to eric's character.

Courtney said...

What a brave person Eric is to share this painful personal part of himself. Especially when you realize that it could impact whether he is hired for the parts he wants to play in theater and other media.

And, how very very fortunate for him to have been with people who were understanding and helpful to him - to offer him the support he needed. It does not always go that way in your work environment and he is so lucky to have been surrounded by truly kind caring people.

I miss him on the show and would love to see him back as he was in the finale last season. He brings such a vulnerability to his character - I remember not feeling repulsed by him at all when his character was revealed in that ridiculous plot twist but rather I felt sorry for him. Excellent acting and I hope we soon see him again on our screens.

Jamie said...

To the poster above, Eric specifically stated in his YouTube video that his bipolar disorder had absolutely nothing to do with how his character evolved and was written off. That was all purely creative decision making.

Both Eric and Hart were both very clear that nothing affected Eric's work on the show. Eric said that between "Action and Cut," he could *always* hold it together. He also had an incredibly supportive work environment.

This was one of the most important things I'll ever write, and Eric's sharing this has already done a great service to people. He is, by far, a true success story.

jenny said...

I remember reading an interview of his,a little after the S3 finale,where he talked about the decision to have Zack as Gormogon's apprentice..I think it was on here?Not sure...He said he was on his way to a game,basketball,I think,when Hart called him and pretty much told him...Well,he didn't actually tell him on the phone...If I remember correctly,he said Hart said he wanted to talk to him about sth important later(or the next day)and when they hang up Eric sort of figured it out himself or at least started suspecting it so he called hm back and of curse Hart couldn't deny it.And he said how he was unable to enjoy the game,after that...

I think it was really brave of him to come out and say it loud and contribute to the fight against the taboos around mental illness.Now I love him even more!

That said...Bones is never gonna be the same without him,anymore... :( I still love it,it still is my fav show,my obsession...but it just isn't the same since Zack/Eric left.

jenny said...

It was here,after all,I found the link:

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