Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Extreme Spoiler Chat: The Goop on the Girl

Sides are out for Bones Season 5 episode 10: The Goop on the Girl. Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

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Stephanie said...

I'm trying not to read sides anymore, but I had to make an exception for the Zooey episode. I'm assuming Margaret will be played by Zooey, that is. I skipped all the case stuff (don't like being too spoiled on that) but with Max, Zooey, and a scene with pretty much the entire cast, this seems like it's going to be a great episode! All they need now is another B&B Christmas kiss :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, my life is complete.
This looks like it is going to be a really good episode. Oh, and what is wrong with Margaret, scince when is Booth not handsome. ARRGG, i can't wait

Jessica said...

Very excited to see this episode ,Booth in Boxers :)
We wait and see what Santa brings B&B this year ;) I to have a puckish side that won't be denied hahaha

Shep said...

Booth without a shirt = yum
Booth without a shirt and wearing a shower cap = lol!

Anonymous said...

Booth... OMG so hot! He has the perfect body!

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