Thursday, October 15, 2009

Favorite Quotes: A Night at the Bones Museum

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: A Night at the Bones Museum.


Jessica said...

Bones:Why are you so upset?
Booth: Because what goes on between us is ours
Bones: Come on Booth, you must have told a lot of people that meatloaf story right?
(Long meaningful pause that just makes my heart break....Awwwwww)

Booth: You changed history Bones, how many people can say that?
Bones: You can, every arrest you make changes history, you make the world safer...
Booth: With your help

Best quote of the episode was undoubtedly from Brennan I think and this entire moment made me just smile and all happy inside. It was so cute!

Bones: You and I this was our case and I guess what goes on between us that should just be ours isn't that what you said?

BB Shipper said...

@Jessica - you captured my faves! (nothing else to add..)

Oh! Here was a funny one....

Cam: "Hodgins found a 3000 year old bug so he is all weepy" lol!

Jessica said...

Booth: If I was Egypt I throw you a party

Anonymous said...

I don't really remember what she said cause she was saying the lines of the movie. I was laughing too hard and didn't really hear. I guess it isn't a quoat then, But it was funny.

Jessica said...

Ahhhhh such a good episode!
It was also kinda cute at the end with Daisy and Sweets...
Daisy: Do you want to be my Lancelot again??
I am really coming around to Sweets lately the more of him I see this season the more I am liking him
Thanks BB Shipper
In my love of the Bones Booth development I totally forgot about some of the other great one liners...
Great Episode all round I think..

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