Thursday, October 1, 2009

Favorite Quotes: The Plain in the Prodigy

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Plain in the Prodigy. (Also Jeannie's idea!)


BB Shipper said...

Booth "Cam needs to shut that down!" when he was talking about Michelle waiting until 22 to have sex

Booth - "I'm her #1 Uncle...and a trained sniper" *as he lifts his jacket to show his gun"

Anonymous said...

Angela: (paraphrased) "Oh I still had stuffed animals when I was 16 too ... but I also had Brian."

;) historynut

Jeannie said...

Brennan about Booth's belt buckle: "I like it. It's very Boothy."

And Clark making a slavery reference and Brennan going: "Of course you can have water. Why are you talking like that?"

a_n_c_i said...

Clark: ˝ .... I got bit by god knows what kind of bugs out there...˝
Dr. Brennan: ˝oh, perhaps Hodgins can identify them for you˝


Kait said...

"This is not in the proper spirit of rumspringa!"
nuff said.

isabella said...

ok, i thought it was so funny and kinda adorable when bones called cams cartoon penis cute, lol

and booth saying he was just being boothy


Phillip said...

Not so much a quote, but Cam hiding behind the bush to peak on Michelle and Perry was epic, i lol'd quite a bit.

Good thing i had an empty flat lol

Jeannie said...

Booth to Brennan: "You could make Santa cry!"

Mary said...

I loved the convo between B&B about how they were when they lost their virginity. 22???

I think Bones said she found someone who could give her a "skillful introduction."

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