Thursday, October 22, 2009

A few weeks of extra Bones

Starting November 6th, there will be a double dose of Bones for nearly a month. Friday night new programming will be replaced with repeats, including Bones at 9pm, following House repeats. Regular programming will resume on December 4th.


pfenix-goddess said...

I'm sorry -- I love "Bones," really, I do. But this is possibly one of the most irritating things I've heard this television season.

"Dollhouse" is one of my favorite TV shows, and its new episodes are being pulled from the entire month of November for no apparent reason to make way for..."Bones" and "House" RERUNS?! This is one of the stupidest things FOX has done in recent years -- are they expecting a boost in ratings? They ALWAYS fail Friday nights. Growl.

I'm sorry; I don't usually post about other shows on a "Bones" website, but this just really made me mad -- I'd much prefer my two nights of great television with "Bones" and "Fringe" and then "Dollhouse" than "Bones" and "Fringe" and "Bones" repeats. You can count me completely OUT of those; if I want reruns I'll watch my DVD's.

If I sound like a bitter fan, it's because I am.

Anonymous said...

@pfenix-goddess: Fox isn't pulling Dollhouse because they particularly want to show Bones and House reruns. They're pulling Dollhouse so that its poor ratings won't count for November sweeps ratings. It's unfortunate. I love Dollhouse too but this sure seems like Fox is giving up on it.

Stephanie said...

I agree that what they're doing to Dollhouse fans is really crummy since they put out a sweeps schedule with Dollhouse on it, but, the fact is, House and Bones reruns tend to do substantially better in the ratings than first-run Dollhouse shows, so business-wise, it's the better decision.

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