Friday, October 16, 2009

LA TIMES - TV industry and Twitter

LA Times examines the TV industry and Twitter with a heavy focus on Hart Hanson. Thanks for the link goes to Poetic_Line (aka Rosalyn who is quoted in the article).

How do you view Twitter and Bones? I may be the kid on the sidewalk looking through the grubby window, but I see it as a mixed bag. It is absolutely wonderful to have such close access to the people who make this show happen and to be able to reach new fans through an explosively popular medium but, at the same time, I feel like so much is lost in the here-and-gone nature of Twitter. If you comment on a forum or a blog it stays indefinitely but the discussion on Twitter flies by. Immediate, but fleeting. And it's hard to jump in to all the flying tweets for anyone not there 24/7.

What do you think?


Kili Climbers said...

I think Twitter is great. Normally we would never get such access to a showrunner. I think Bones fans are extremely lucky to have Hart Hanson tweating. It makes me feel closer to the show. It is nice to be able to skip over the usual media garbage and go straight to the source of things. Blogs take a long time, which perhaps they don't have time to maintain, but Twitter is short and sweet. I love it. :-)

Jessica said...

@Kili I agree with you.
I think it´s easier to get in touch with the ones behind Bones and to get in touch with other Bones fans I love it :) if you would write a letter you , most of the time, don't get a response but with Twitter the chance you get a reply is much higher

BB Shipper said...

I definitely think it benefits the show because that connection makes the fans become more invested and then in bones case they market the heck out of their show. It's a huge benefit to fans to get sone additional insight into the show and the writers certainly makes the forums more lively and interesting for me. Although I did sense that Mr H made a little misstep when I saw that tweet on the swine flu... As someone working in corp comm. I felt he may have said too much. We have to understand the media (and some fanx) don't always operate using logic or common sense so much room for conjecture and false realities

Dijea said...

I love Twitter. LOVE IT. I agree that Twitter can be fleeting, but I HATE forums. I hate all the signing in and the getting loss in a million posts. Twitter is me. & whoever. I don't have to search 20 posts on Music in the forum.

But that's just me. I'm @dijea BTW. Come join me.

rachel said...

i love twitter. i generally keep to the sidelines and just take in all the tweets from different forums i am involved in. once in awhile i like to reply to someone's tweet but i generally just like to see what other people are thinking about #bones especially.

i love that hart is a part of the twitterverse because it definitely makes me feel closer to the show and i like that i can hear #bones news straight from the horses mouth instead of hearing things on other sites and not really knowing if i should believe them or not.

follow me @schlagers :)

Stephanie said...

I joined Twitter because Hart and Stephen and other entertainment workers were using it to talk about their shows. Seriously. So I think it's great! I'll agree that you feel closer to the show. I love the tweets that Hart and Stephen address to the Bones fans (or the one time Hart called the fans "Bonsers," that was cute.) It makes me feel like they appreciate us as much as we appreciate them.

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